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Speaking The Same Language: Why Global Companies Need Language Solutions To Succeed

Posted by United Language Group on May 8, 2018

Today’s global companies face an interesting paradox: Technology enables them to reach new audiences around the globe, but also forces them to overhaul their communication strategies to successfully adapt to these culturally and linguistically diverse areas.

Topics: Localization, Strategy, Translation

Video Remote Interpreting: Enhancing Patient Care And Cutting Costs

Posted by United Language Group on May 1, 2018

According to the Center for Disease Control, in the U.S. alone there are 990.8 million physicians’ visits and 267.1 million emergency room visits or hospital outpatient visits in a year.

Topics: Strategy, Technology, Interpreting

Looking For An Interpreting Provider? Here's What To Consider

Posted by United Language Group on April 27, 2018

Strong communication is foundational to your relationships with customers. With more than 25 million people in the United States who are limited English proficient (LEP), most companies have at least an occasional need for interpreting services.

Topics: Strategy, Interpreting

Minimizing FCPA Risk Through Effective Translation

Posted by United Language Group on April 9, 2018

Since 1977, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has been the leading anti-corruption legislation for companies in the U.S. and those that trade on U.S. financial exchanges.

Topics: Strategy, Translation, Compliance

Why A Translation Memory is Necessary For Cost Savings and Consistency

Posted by United Language Group on March 30, 2018

Business communication almost always relies and builds upon material that has already been created, unless the company is new. You don’t write a new company description every time you send out a press release, and you don’t write a new set of customer instructions every time you launch a new version of a product.

Topics: Strategy, Tips & Tricks, Translation

How To Foster Better Patient Understanding

Posted by United Language Group on March 23, 2018

Medical professionals are increasingly noting the correlation between patient health and health literacy. The more people are able to comprehend and understand about their healthcare, the more effective treatments tend to be. 

Topics: healthcare, Strategy, Translation, Interpreting

How GDPR Helps Fight Data Corruption

Posted by United Language Group on February 13, 2018

With just a few months left until the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, consumers should feel good about stricter rules for the handling and storage of their sensitive personal information.

Topics: Strategy, Compliance

A New Year, A New Regulation: PRIIPs And Translation Requirements

Posted by United Language Group on January 26, 2018

The New Year brings new resolutions, goals and strides toward self-improvement. In 2018, it also welcomed a new regulation into the financial world.

Topics: Strategy, Translation, Legal, Compliance