Localization Services

Unlock Global Markets with Expert Localization Solutions

Localization goes beyond translation. It’s about adapting your content on a more granular level to avoid local taboos and appeal to cultural preferences. United Language Group works with your IT, web development and other teams at each stage of the process to ensure effective language localization of your software, websites, mobile apps, eLearning, multilingual application development, internationalization testing, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and more.

global reach with localization services

What are Localization Services? Why Do I Need One?

Localization service providers help handle the customization of a product or content to a particular place or market. They typically offer translation, localization, testing, quality assurance, and other related services. True digital localization requires more than simple user-interface translations; it demands a trusted partner who meets deadlines, reduces time-consuming errors and delivers effective results.

ULG Localization Areas of Expertise


ULG customizes all localization efforts to your project or business requirements. Our project plans cover every step of the language localization process, including pre-production planning, project schedule creation and assigning a dedicated, global team of subject matter experts in relevant fields or industries.

Language shouldn’t limit the effectiveness of your technology, it should enhance it. That’s why we’ve designed our software localization services to be comprehensive, efficient and fully scalable. We take on projects of all sizes and scopes, and we have the ability to link our translation management technology to many leading software services and content management systems for added efficiency.

Localization and Translation Services

Let us help you reach a global audience. Our Total Language Confidence™ approach ensures that our results-oriented solutions are tailored to your industry, content, requirements, technology and challenges.