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Professional Localization Services

Localization goes beyond translation. It’s about adapting your content on a more granular level to avoid local taboos and appeal to cultural preferences. United Language Group works with your IT, web development and other teams at each stage of the process to ensure effective language localization of your software, websites, mobile apps, eLearning, multilingual application development, internationalization testing, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and more.

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What are Localization Services? Why Do I Need One?

Localization service providers help handle the customization of a product or content to a particular place or market. They typically offer translation, localization, testing, quality assurance, and other related services. True digital localization requires more than simple user-interface translations; it demands a trusted partner who meets deadlines, reduces time-consuming errors and delivers effective results.

  • Software Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Website and Software Localization Testing
  • Multilingual Application Development
  • Internationalization Testing
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Localization
  • eLearning Localization

Software Localization

ULG customizes all localization efforts to your project or business requirements. Our project plans cover every step of the language localization process, including pre-production planning, project schedule creation and assigning a dedicated, global team of subject matter experts in relevant fields or industries.

Language shouldn’t limit the effectiveness of your technology, it should enhance it. That’s why we’ve designed our software localization services to be comprehensive, efficient and fully scalable. We take on projects of all sizes and scopes, and we have the ability to link our translation management technology to many leading software services and content management systems for added efficiency.

Website Localization

ULG’s developers and linguists provide content localization services, language localization testing and adaptive interactive content for websites in every industry we serve. Our website localization services allow automated integration between a content management system (CMS) and our proprietary translation management system (TMS), Octave™.

When preparing for website translation and localization projects, we consider your deadlines, budget, target language, search engine optimization goals and client authoring tools to create localized content that’s clear, consistent and easy for users to navigate. Our sophisticated cultural validation tests analyze localized versions of websites so we can verify linguistic accuracy and functionality and ensure the right user experience. 

Website and Software Localization Testing

When translation and localization services projects are finished, ensuring accuracy and efficacy for new markets can be challenging. ULG conducts extensive testing to guarantee your localized website or software is error-free and fully ready to launch globally. Our metrics-based functionality testing shows you who can operate specific products and the best context or interface to use to achieve your goal. Our localization project management experts examine every detail of your project to measure effectiveness, efficiency and accessibility. Plus, our localization agency makes sure your product is ready for every market.

Multilingual Application Development

International commerce has gone completely digital, and global businesses are rushing to catch up. To keep you at the forefront of this technological innovation, we’ve created a localization project management process that adapts to the unique requirements of applications in all languages and across all digital platforms.

To make sure your company’s individual needs are met, we pair you with a designated project management team that provides direction and advice every step of the way—from pre-production to user testing. Plus, we work with your internal developers and content writers to make the multilingual application launch process as efficient and comprehensive as possible. Our multifaceted quality assurance processes ensure a globally appropriate application that’s ready for each phase of internationalization and language localization.

Internationalization Testing

Programs and applications developed to properly handle international data are known as internationalized software. If this software passes ULG’s stringent testing, it’s certified to work for all distributed market locales, regardless of language or data format.

ULG offers post-localization testing—which includes handling of numerical data, sorting, date and time formats, language expansion, string parsing, upper- and lowercase handling and build and network testing—to ensure that all software aspects have been localized and the application is operating properly. The testing process can also involve installation on ULG’s testing sites. This saves you time and money by allowing multiple localization and translation services specialists to test settings for their particular region and optimize your products for the language localization process.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Localization

With the tools and expertise to tackle the challenges of culturally relevant and globally acceptable GUI language localization projects, we deliver end products that meet your international needs. Our localization experts and project management teams develop global GUIs that can accommodate text expansion or contraction, changes in text direction, page format and more.

Our experts have experience in every platform and operating system, including Windows, MacOS and Android. Plus, we know how to work around all potential complications, including hardcoded text strings, textual icons and updates to font size and typeface. We aim to create an exceptional final GUI product while ensuring the highest quality translation.

eLearning Localization

ULG's eLearning localization services guarantee your training materials are precise and accessible to each worker, no matter their language or cultural background. From corporate instruction to product launches, ULG has you taken care of.

Our expert linguists, powerful language tools, and tailored processes generate better results, faster launches, and lower expenses. Our eLearning translation services cover written documents, voice acting, visuals, subtitles, video, sound and more.