Linguistic Validation

Linguistic Validation Services

Expert Language Services for Compliance

Our linguistic validation process delivers accurate, culturally appropriate language solutions of all types of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) for quality-driven clinical outcomes

Accurate linguistic validation is non-negotiable for a successful global clinical trial. A misstep here could delay or even derail your project, putting trial timelines and global approval paths in jeopardy. We’ve partnered with industry-leading experts to safeguard the integrity and progress of your trial with trustworthy, compliant linguistic validation services.   

  • Compliant language solutions for seamless global approval
  • Detailed linguistic validation processes for guaranteed accuracy
  • Experts with industry experience to handle complex processes
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ISPOR-guided Best Practices for Compliance with Global Regulatory Guidelines

Get high-quality linguistic validation services that meet or exceed rigorous global standards 

Embrace the confidence that comes from a linguistic validation process grounded in ISPOR guidelines and meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements of global health authorities. We provide our clinical customers with services that promote cultural accuracy, engagement, and safety, while ensuring compliance to enable successful execution.

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Streamline Clinical Trials with Comprehensive Linguistic Validation Services

Rely on centralized, end-to-end solutions to simplify complex linguistic challenges at each stage of the linguistic validation process

Partner with top-tier linguistic validation experts offering comprehensive services to bring all of your language solutions under one roof. This model significantly reduces the complexity and resource demands of clinical trial translations. By working with specialists in linguistic validation, we can offer compliant solutions for every step, even for complex and resource-heavy processes like cognitive debriefing. 

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Strategic Collaboration for Successful Outcomes

Advance your clinical trials with the highest quality translations 

Improve patient outcomes and generate reliable data for your global studies with expert linguistic validation services. Through strategic collaboration with specialized vendors, our clients gain access to our own deep life sciences expertise and our partners’ diverse skills and knowledge for translations that meet the highest standards of accuracy and cultural sensitivity. This cooperative model amplifies our ability to deliver the compliant, high-quality outcomes that clinical trials require. 

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Learn More About ULG Linguistic Validation Services

What is linguistic validation? 

Linguistic validation is a process that ensures clinical research translation and interpretation are accurate, clear, and culturally appropriate by maintaining the integrity of patient-reported outcomes across different languages.  

Our linguistic validation services include a thorough process designed for the life sciences industry, covering everything from Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) to electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs). It starts with a linguistic expert developing appropriate translation guidelines, followed by independent forward translations, reconciliation for consistency, back-translation for accuracy checks, clinical review and cognitive debriefing with target populations. This comprehensive approach guarantees that documents meet global regulatory standards, ensuring the integrity and reliability of data across different languages and cultures. 

Simplify Your Clinical Trials with Our Comprehensive Solutions

Partner with ULG for a holistic approach to your clinical trial translations. Our one-stop linguistic validation and translation services mean less hassle for you and more focus on success. Contact us to gain the advantage of expert translation solutions from life sciences experts, tailored to propel your global trials towards success.