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Octave® Translation Management System

United Language Group's OctaveTMS offers an end-to-end translation management system that streamlines translation and language localization projects through integrated technology and client customization. Translation project management can be a major undertaking with multiple challenging steps, but OctaveTMS seamlessly integrates processes and workflows that meet your regulatory and translation quality management needs in one secure, easy-to-use, web-based tool.

Translation Management System


Other project tracking platforms didn’t offer all the capabilities our clients need, so we decided to create our own. Delivering far more benefits than a traditional translation and localization management system, OctaveTMS gives you a secure, web-based portal to submit projects of any size, receive estimates, track real-time progress, download status reports and manage a terminology database—anywhere, anytime. By integrating clients, vendors and project managers, you can centrally manage translation workflows and enjoy complete transparency through the lifecycle of your projects.

Built for any industry, the machine translation, terminology management and API features in this fully SSL- and GDPR-compliant tool provide automated solutions to common localization challenges.


Experience machine translation (MT) redefined for modern global business. OctaveMT gives you the benefits of a single platform integrating statistical, rule-based and neural MT. With machine technology complemented by human translation, OctaveMT delivers greater efficiency and accuracy than traditional systems.
  • Customize at the domain and organizational levels.
  • Minimize your risk of a data breach.
  • Save millions in translation costs while speeding up your time to market—all with superior quality and security.
  • Customize OctaveMT to fit your business needs and internal systems with subscription-based SaaS models that give you flexibility based on your volume, speed and security requirements.


Streamline your translation workflow management with our customizable OctaveAPI integration. Gone are the days of worrying about exporting files, analyzing languages, or missing deadlines. Featuring seamless integration, OctaveAPI combines the power of ULG’s translation management services with your content management system. Experience greater functionality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for multilingual projects all within your existing framework.

  • Create projects in the ULG OctaveTMS secure platform from your own system
  • Send the files that require translation with your request 
  • Translated files are sent back to the original system via the API

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