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For more than 35+ years, United Language Group has been providing Total Language Confidence™ to the tech sector with top-quality translation, interpreting phone support, and localization services. Our extensive experience in the field of technology has allowed us to analyze trends and develop effective strategies that not only bridge cultural barriers but also extend your global market reach.

Our tech industry clients look to ULG for: 

  • Technical expertise from linguists with experience in your industry
  • Scalable and cost-effective translation management solutions 
  • Commitment to quality and security
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Experienced Linguists and Subject Matter Experts in the Industries We Serve

More than Words: Industry-Specific Knowledge Matters

Tech companies deal with complex, specialized terminology and content related to their industry. We know that you require a translation service provider that has proven technical expertise and understands the nuances of your field. ULG's requirements for translators assure that they are knowledgeable about the industries they serve, possess relevant technical backgrounds, and stay up to date with the latest industry trends. This rigor ensures accurate and contextually appropriate translations that maintain the intended meaning and convey the technical details accurately. 

Here's just a sample of services that tech companies rely on ULG for: 

Secure & Scalable Translation Management for the Tech Industry

Translation Technology System Helps Safeguard Your Sensitive Data

ULG is able to provide scalable translation and localization services through the utilization of OctaveTMS, our tech-enabled translation management system. Octave streamlines the translation process, ensuring efficiency and consistency across projects, while allowing for seamless scalability to meet your evolving business needs.

Octave provides a secure environment for handling sensitive translations. With robust data protection measures in place, Octave ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable information. 


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What is ULG's approach to working with technical content?


We approach technical content with expertise and precision, leveraging linguists with technical backgrounds and staying updated on industry-specific terminology, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations for the tech industry. We back that up as a leading tech-enabled translation service provider with rigorous quality and IT certifications that are standard for many of our clients.

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How do you ensure accurate and consistent quality content translation services?


We ensure accurate and consistent quality translations through robust quality assurance processes, including language asset management tools, style guides, glossaries, and experienced linguists who adhere to stringent quality checks and maintain consistency throughout the translation process.

For enterprise accounts, ULG also offers a training program for linguists to become experts on your brand to ensure they use a consistent voice, tone, and style – engaged linguists mean superior outcomes.

What types of documents and projects do you specialize in translating?


ULG specializes in translating a wide range of documents and projects, including technical manuals, legal documents, patents, software documentation and requirements, website localization, technical specifications translation, marketing materials, and much more, all tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

What enterprise software translation services do you provide?


We offer expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including specialization in SAP localization. ULG was the first SAP Language Consulting Partner. We cover various aspects of software localization, including user interfaces, help documentation, software strings, error messages, and technical specifications, ensuring seamless localization and a user-friendly experience across different software applications.

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Does your translation technology have any integrations with content management systems?


Yes, our translation technology integrates with leading content management systems (CMS) to streamline translation and localization workflows. We offer integrations with popular CMS platforms including Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Core Media, allowing for efficient translation management and seamless integration of localized content.

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Do you have any references or case studies for other tech companies you've worked with?


Absolutely! We have an extensive portfolio of case studies from other tech companies we have worked with. These showcase our successful collaborations with industry-leaders, highlighting the quality of our translations and project management, quick turnaround, and improvements in efficiency.

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Trusted by Leaders in the Tech Industry

Great customer service, quick turnaround, overall our clients are very satisfied.
Ian M.
Global Operations Support Manager
I found United Language Group Octave to be an excellent solution for streamlining multilingual communication. One of the biggest pros of using Octave is its ability to provide real-time translation for both written and spoken communication. This has been incredibly helpful in ensuring that everyone is on the same page and avoiding misunderstandings.
Capterra Reviewer
The translations are accurate and the system also has a simple interface and is easy to navigate. The quick turnaround times are also great.
Felipe M.
Research Associate
ULG provides quick turnaround times and reasonable prices. Whenever I have a questions or need assistance, they get back to me same day. I really appreciate their communication.
Chelsea B.
Administrative Assistant