Manufacturing Translation Services

Manufacturing Language Solutions for Global Enterprises

Work With Professional Linguists Who Have Expertise in Your Industry

Staying connected to your global markets is a critical part of advancing your market share, whether you’re in the heavy machinery industry or consumer product manufacturing. As a leader in translation services for manufacturing, we have worked to develop expertise in your manufacturing language. With more than 6,000 specialized technical and manufacturing translation resources covering over 100 global markets, we have the structure and scale to meet the largest and most complex technical translation services needs.

Leading manufacturers look to ULG for: 

  • Best-in-class language asset management

  • Automation that reduces improves translation efficiency

  • Technical expertise specific to your industry

manufacturing translation services

Proven Language Solutions for Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Cost-effective, On-time Delivery with a Focus on Operational Safety

Emerging markets, growing populations and essential infrastructure needs on a global scale make your equipment crucial to advancement. This requires a language partner that can turn language-specific technical depth and product understanding into cost-effective and on-time delivery. We’ve helped industry-leading heavy equipment manufacturers effectively export products to target markets and ensure the operational safety of their equipment is never at risk because of language—and we’re ready to do the same for you.

industrial translation services for heavy equipment manufacturers

Create Manufacturing Controls Content Your Customers Understand

Provide Clear and Consistent Multilingual Messaging for Enhanced Customer Support

When consulting technical documentation or control interfaces, customers need clear content with a consistent voice that makes directions and messaging easy to understand. To ensure language is never the weakest link in your customers’ production environment, partner with a company that understands best practices for manufacturing controls. We’ve worked with leading manufacturers of process control applications like Emerson and Tyco Fire for more than 20 years, so we understand that success in this space is built by quality and consistency. We uphold these values to ensure that language is a seamless part of your global customer support strategy.

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Industry-Leading Consumer Product Manufacturing Solutions

Accurate and Engaging Marketing Translation for Consumer Product Manufacturers 

Consumer products have a unique way of connecting manufacturing and marketing. Your marketing content must be factually correct in regard to regulations for customer protections and production accuracy, while remaining engaging enough to enhance customer satisfaction. You need the right terms to connect with customers, keep pace with your investment in brand and innovation and deliver the global growth your products deserve. After more than 15 years in the industry, we’ve perfected this balance with solutions that deliver translated words that connect with your audience without sacrificing critical product release calendars.
translate technical documents for manufacturing

ULG Meets the Highest Standards for Language Asset Management and Security

To ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of technical translations, ULG provides industry-leading translation management technology via OctaveTMS. In addition to safeguarding sensitive business data, OctaveTMS leverages robust language asset management (LAM) capabilities, which can optimize cost savings by storing translation memory that allows for faster and more consistent translations. If you are looking to incorporate Machine Translation into your translation processes, OctaveMT is a customizable solution to fit your business needs and internal systems with subscription-based SaaS models that give you flexibility based on your volume, speed and security requirements. With machine technology complemented by human translation, OctaveMT delivers greater efficiency and accuracy than traditional systems.


Controls Software & QA

Controls Software & QA

  • Full-service engineering and testing
  • “Onboard” software emulation translation and testing
  • Human Machine Interface controls
  • Telematic confirmation and Testing

Tech Docs

Tech Docs

  • Any file type - XML, HTML, InDesign, Framemaker, DITA, PDF
  • Machine Labelling and Decals
  • Operator Manuals
  • Service Manuals
  • Parts Catalogues
  • Safety Information
  • Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
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Marketing Content

Marketing Content

  • Any file type marketing content - both web and “documentation”
  • Layout and Translation
  • Websites and testing
  • Product video support
  • Catalogues
  • Real time Customer Chat

Training Content

Training Content

  • Online, offline and classroom training support
  • Development and Translation
  • Safety Training
  • Service Training
  • Engineering Certification
  • Knowledge Checks
SAP Partner

SAP Content

SAP Content

  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Enable Now
  • Add-on ABAP tools for optimizing translation

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ULG is a leading global language services provider with subject matter expertise, certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, and a commitment to quality and confidentiality. Our team of certified translators and project managers use advanced technology to deliver accurate, high-quality manufacturing translations in a timely and cost-effective manner.