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Clinical Trial Translation Services

Consistent and Compliant Language Solutions

Streamline your global research and approval process with specialized language solutions for every stage of the clinical trial lifecycle

Patients, life sciences companies and contract research organizations (CROs) all benefit from diverse clinical trials that generate more relevant data. Partner with ULG and lead the way with medically precise, culturally sensitive and compliant solutions.

  • 40+ years of expertise in the life sciences industry
  • Accurate and culturally sensitive translation and interpretation
  • Solutions for every stage of your multilingual trial
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Comprehensive Services for Clinical Trials

Gain efficiency and consistency when you centralize all your language needs with one provider

Streamline your clinical trial translation process with ULG's end-to-end language solutions. Starting with culturally adapted recruitment materials and qualified medical interpreters for patient screening and continuing through precise translation of consent forms, trial data, and linguistic validation, ULG makes sure that every phase meets the highest standards of clarity and compliance. Centralize your language needs with us to guarantee linguistic consistency across all trial stages and enhance operational efficiency. 

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Setting the Standard for Clinical Trial Translation Quality Assurance and Compliance

Regulatory expertise meets rigorous quality assurance procedures for proven accuracy and compliance with global regulations

Benefit from a benchmark for quality and compliance with 40+ years of life sciences experience and the highest standards of linguistic accuracy. Our team comprises experts with deep knowledge of FDA, EMA, and other global regulations and standards for clinical research translation. Only 10% of linguists, vetted for relevant experience and expertise, join our clinical trial network. And our QA procedures are regularly audited for accuracy you can rely on. 


Advanced Translation Technology That Drives Efficiency Without Compromising Quality

Centralize and streamline your clinical research translation services with our customizable translation technology

Use state-of-the-art technology to maximize efficiency and leverage groundbreaking AI-assisted language asset management strategies reduce turnaround time by up to 50%. Take advantage of machine translation (MT) for clinical trials where appropriate with MT engines trained on industry-specific content, fine-tuned with your own data, and post-edited by expert linguists. Plus, our proprietary translation management system, OctaveTMS, streamlines every step of the translation process and can be customized to meet your needs.

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Learn More About ULG Clinical Trial Translation Services

What types of language solutions do you offer for clinical trials?

We offer language solutions in 200+ languages for every stage of the process, including: 

Our linguists are adept at translating a wide range of clinical documents, including:  

  • Case report forms (CRFs) 
  • Product manuals, labeling, packaging inserts, and instructions for use (IFUs) 
  • Pharmacological studies 
  • Informed consent forms (ICFs) 
  • Clinical trial protocols and regulatory documents 
  • Advertising and marketing materials 
  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) 
  • Quality of life (QoL) measures 
  • Scientific articles 
  • Patents/IP documents 
  • Corporate and investor relations documents 
  • Patient recruitment materials 

Partner with a Team of Experts in Clinical Trial Language Solutions

With over four decades of experience in life sciences and a keen focus on regulatory compliance, we're here to simplify your journey. Partner with us for medically precise and culturally sensitive language solutions at every stage of the clinical research process. Reach out to explore how we can keep your trials moving smoothly.