Bilingual Care Coordination: Extraordinary Health Outcomes for Your Members and Patients

Improve the overall health of your organization’s LEP population, lower healthcare costs, and improve member and patient satisfaction and retention with bilingual care coordination solutions.

One challenge many healthcare organizations face when engaging limited English proficiency (LEP) populations is compassionate communication. While engaging members with complex care is difficult, language barriers can make driving positive health outcomes seem impossible. Incorporating a bilingual care coordination model into your organization can foster relationships with LEP members and patients through mutual language and compassionate care, helping to provide improved access to vulnerable populations.

Anticipated $2M in savings due to reduced ER visits, hospitalization, and program benefits

44% cost savings in staffing and interpreting costs

Up to $2,400 in savings per member per year

Looking for ways to expand equitable Special Needs Plan (SNP) coordinated care models to limited English proficiency (LEP) populations? By emphasizing relationship building and compassionate care, we provide bilingual care coordinators to large or small LEP populations through our bilingual care coordination program. With this proven approach, we can help you

  • Improve SNP and LEP member and patient outcomes
  • Increase overall health equity among highly vulnerable populations
  • Reduce interpreting and staffing costs by 44%

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