Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Connector

Seamless Adobe Experience Manager Localization Integration

United Language Group has developed a seamless API connector between ULG's OctaveTM platform and the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEM). The connection between Octave and Adobe Experience Manager allows marketers to expand on the robust features and flexibility of Adobe Experiences with effortless translation and localization support for their targeted global markets. This combination provides rich, personalized experiences with the inclusion of language and culture-specific messaging. ULG's Adobe Experience Manager website translation connector allows users to:

  • Minimize time and resources needed to cater global content for individual audiences and segments
  • Seamlessly initiate, manage, automate, and track all facets of the translation process without leaving AEM's platform
  • Quickly select and send content for localization and translation without copy/paste or screen shots
  • Reduce time to market by streamlining the development processes for multilingual content
  • Expedite the review and approval processes for translated content

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