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Accurate and Dependable Technical Translations

Eliminate Communication Barriers in Specialized Documentation

Quality technical translation services are essential for enterprises operating in global markets. United Language Group helps businesses ensure effective communication of specialized technical terms for a safe and successful outcome.

  • Accurate and specialized translations for technical terminology
  • Consistent language asset management across all technical translation projects
  • Certified quality and security standards to meet strict requirements
engineering technical translation services

From Engineering to Medicine: We Have the Technical Expertise You Need

Technical Document Translation Services Tailored to Your Industry

With over 35+ years of language services experience, we know that translation is essential for a variety of industries that require technical documentation in different languages. These industries include manufacturing, engineering, medical, and technology sectors.

Our professional translators have background in science, technology and medical fields, and understand your industry’s regulations and standards. We work with you to communicate effectively with your target audience. As a leading technical translation agency, ULG has the regulatory expertise to ensure that technical documents are accurately translated, meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards. Having regulatory knowledge and experience also ensures that translations are compliant, preventing any legal or safety issues. This highlights the importance of partnering with a certified technical translation provider with a strong track record of regulatory compliance to ensure accurate technical translations. 


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Top-Tier Translation Management Technology Improves Efficiency and Protects Confidential Data

ULG Meets the Highest Standards for Language Asset Management and Security

To ensure the accuracy, consistency and confidentiality of our professional technical translation services, ULG provides industry-leading translation management technology via OctaveTMS. Since technical documents often contain sensitive information and are subject to strict regulatory requirements, OctaveTMS provides our clients with a secure online platform that streamlines processes and meets the highest level of regulatory and quality standards.  

In addition to safeguarding sensitive business data, OctaveTMS leverages robust language asset management (LAM) capabilities for consistent application of translation memory for technical terminology. 

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What types of documents do you specialize in?

Drawing from over 35+ years of experience and rigorous training programs, ULG can translate a variety of technical and scientific documents, including:

  • Technical manuals and user guides for various industries such as engineering, automotive, or electronics.
  • Medical and scientific research papers, academic articles covering fields like healthcare, biology, or physics.
  • Patent applications and legal documents related to intellectual property and technology.
  • Data sheets, specifications, and product descriptions for consumer goods or industrial equipment.
  • Safety procedures and protocols for workplace environments.
  • Software documentation, including user interfaces, help files, and programming guides.
  • Engineering translation: documentation, schematics, and blueprints.
  • Scientific presentations and conference materials.
  • Quality assurance and testing documents.
  • Environmental impact assessments and reports.

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ULG is a leading global language services provider with subject matter expertise, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certifications, and a commitment to quality and confidentiality. Our team of certified translators and project managers use advanced technology to deliver accurate, high-quality translations in a timely and cost-effective manner.