Translation Technology

Octave™: Proven Translation Management Technology

United Language Group's Octave™ translation management system gives you a complete language platform that’s precise, cost-effective, user-friendly and secure. Our products support both human and machine translation while also working cohesively with internal systems to meet your quality, turnaround, pricing, project management and security objectives. Avoid the traditional roadblocks in the localization process by tapping into the power of ULG’s entire Octave™ suite: OctaveTMS, OctaveMT, and OctaveAPI.
Translation Management Technology

Let Us Help You Find the Best Translation Technology for Your Business

ULG brings a unique approach to translation management technology. When it comes to your business, we are technology agnostic, which means we work with each client to determine the best solution for their business, whether that’s as part of ULG’s Octave technology suite, other best-in-class solutions, or a combination. We’ll consult with you to determine the best mix of translation technology tools and help you implement and scale.


Translation Technology Suite

Translation Management

OctaveTMS gives you a secure, web-based portal to submit projects of any size, receive estimates, track real-time progress, download status reports and manage a terminology database—anywhere, anytime.

Machine Translation

United Language Group uses leading-edge machine translation technology including Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to customize your machine translation engines to your business verticals.

Translation Connectors

OctaveAPI combines the power of ULG’s language services with your content management system. Experience greater functionality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for multilingual projects all within your existing framework.

Octave™ Translation Management System

  • Password-protected security
  • Project submission and approval
  • Initiate project change orders
  • View real-time project status reports
  • Download your translated content
  • Access our FTP
  • Run a variety of reports

Ready to streamline your translation project management processes with ULG?