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To improve educational outcomes in multicultural communities, there must be a focus on inclusion. As an equal access advocate, United Language Group has provided language solutions to the education industry for many years and has supported education programs in all 50 states.


Improve Learning Outcomes for English Language Learning Students

English language learning (ELL) students must work twice as hard as their English-speaking peers. They are continuously learning new subject matter as well as learning English. Without proper support, the communication and comprehension challenges become overwhelming, resulting in lower participation and engagement, which corresponds to lower academic performance. A partnership with ULG bridges language gaps for your ELL students through a variety of language access tools, including an online translation platform and access to our network of more than 10,000 interpreters and linguists. All ULG language solutions are available on demand and can be customized to fit your community’s needs.


Supporting Limited English Proficient Parents

Parents play a vital role in a student's educational success. Without equal access to information creates a barrier to limited English proficient (LEP) parents’ active engagement in their children’s academics and educational community. LEP parents find it discouraging when language barriers make them unable to help their children succeed in school. To help overcome these barriers, school systems should provide and communicate information to LEP parents in their native languages. Not only is United Language Group an expert in the education industry, but we also take extra steps to understand the requirements for dialects and cultural sensitivity. We know even a small miscommunication can have a detrimental impact.

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eLearning Translation and Interpretation Services

Ensuring equal access to eLearning plans goes beyond providing the technology for students. United Language Group specializes in working with educational communities like yours to create and deploy eLearning plans that are inclusive for English language learners (ELL) and their limited English proficiency (LEP) parents. We provide localization and translation services for educational material ranging from assignments to distance learning resources for LEP parents. Our interpreting service offerings include multilingual tutoring, voiceover assignments, call lines for non-English speakers, and more.

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Improving English Language Learners’ Educational Outcomes

ULG helps organizations like yours empower English language learners (ELL) to thrive in the classroom and online. We will provide your team with the custom language solutions needed to help improve ELL educational performances.

What Makes Us Unique

United Language Group is a trusted partner of numerous education entities. We understand the nuance of educational content, especially for young learners, and take special care in supporting language access initiatives in the education industry. ULG has a proven track record of collaborating with clients to determine and deliver customized language solutions.

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School Districts


Our language services improve ELL students' overall academic performances by breaking down language barriers that deter student participation and engagement as well as the barriers to LEP parents' involvement.

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We provide the resources required to ensure equitable access to quality education.

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Our experience, expertise, and quality language services allow you to better serve your education partners.


Provide equity in education today.