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Global Marketing Translation Services

When it comes to your brand messaging, even one word lost in translation is too many. With over 35 years of experience, United Language Group is a proven global marketing translation services leader. Regardless of the business you’re in or where you operate, our experts can help your team efficiently scale translation services for marketing materials to expand your reach and increase conversions.

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Marketing in the World of Technology

A marketer’s success on the global stage often depends on how the campaign melds the language with technology. We help you rise to the top by developing strong, multilingual SEO translation strategies and rich, accurate and consistent marketing and advertising content localization. From customized localization management workflows to global marketing campaign development, ULG combines unmatched expertise and quality standards to develop translation and transcreation projects on time and on budget, every time.

  • Website Localization
  • Digital Marketing Translation
  • Advertising Translation
  • Localized SEO
  • Corporate Translation
  • Content Marketing Localization
  • Multilingual CMS Translation

Website Localization

ULG's translation services for marketing includes a dedicated team of developers and linguists on who are experts in localization testing and adaptive interactive content for websites in all of the industries we serve. We create customized workflows that allow automated integration between a content management system (CMS) and Octave™ technologies, our proprietary translation management system (TMS).

Your deadlines, budget, target market, search engine optimization goals and client authoring tools are all taken into consideration as we prepare for your project. This helps us create clear, consistent localized content that’s easy for users to navigate. We use sophisticated cultural validation tests to analyze localized versions of websites so we can verify linguistic accuracy and functionality to make sure the right users receive messaging tailored to both language and culture.

Digital Marketing Translation

Along with our other marketing services, ULG can help you with a wide array of digital marketing materials to reach potential customers online, including social media posts, blogs, emails, e-books, white papers, display advertising transcreation and more. Our team understands your unique needs as a global marketer and we take into account the layout and design of the original materials, interactive elements, SEO in the target language, mobile design and more. Translating marketing materials can seem like a daunting task, particularly when trying to quickly scale and test in digital formats, but ULG's unique approach to marketing translation project management can help your marketing programs thrive.

Advertising Translation

When done well, advertising translation and transcreation can engage diverse audiences in large new markets. While unlocking this growth in the global marketplace is a huge opportunity for businesses, it can also introduce new risk. When mistakes happen in global advertising translation, your company is forced to spend valuable time and resources correcting the issues that should have been preventable. With ULG's advertising translation services, you can minimize this risk and tap into new markets with the help of our expert translators who know the language, industry, audience, subject matter and unique aspects of the micro-cultures you’re targeting.

Localized SEO

If you want your content to improve local rankings on search engines, you need a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Our language experts are well-versed in current marketing trends, keyword research and best practices for tagging and meta descriptions to create SEO-friendly website translations that improve SEO rankings and drive traffic to multilingual websites. With our digital marketing translation services team conducting research, developing keyword strategies and building your site, you can be confident that your online presence is fully optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Corporate Translation

Your corporate materials need to be appropriate to the cultures in which you’re doing business while also combining idioms and references that align with your target audiences and areas. Accuracy and consistency are key in delivering the right message about your products or services, and often require non-literal translations focused on general concepts, cultural tone and inherent meaning.

ULG’s certified translators and global project managers are adept at reviewing and identifying areas within corporate communications that need cultural adaptations or localization assistance. We aim to make sure your corporate material translations show your deep understanding of global business cultures.

Content Marketing Localization

With an adaptable, flexible and customizable website localization solution, ULG is a marketing translation agency that knows how to maintain brand continuity while making every corner of your digital presence translate around the world. Our project teams, technological experience and wide range of industry expertise empowers us to localize large amounts of web content and interactive elements into multiple languages. By utilizing global best practices and the latest in content management system (CMS) integration and web publishing technology, ULG ensures accurate translation and powerful localization of all your web content.

Multilingual CMS Translation

As your business grows, you might need new approaches to translation. ULG’s multilingual content management system (CMS) integration processes can bring your entire company to the global level. By integrating your multilingual CMS with your other management systems, we make sure that your internal communication and other documents reach clients and employees in their own language.

A multilingual CMS is ideal for organizations looking to scale up and maintain transparency. Our integration capabilities make translating text into dozens of languages easy and efficient, and creating a single space for creating and managing your content dramatically streamlines the process.

The international marketplace is waiting for you.