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Machine translation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why United Language Group (ULG) partners with you to find the best machine translation approach for your unique business needs.

Our solutions integrate the latest Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for accurate, high-quality translations at scale. This approach better captures your brand voice, tone, and style for improved output. It not only accelerates turnaround times, but also helps you optimize translation spend.

We design custom solutions using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) language translation techniques, including:

  • Human-AI collaboration
  • Advanced neural networks
  • Domain-specific customization
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AI Translation with a Human Touch

Our Machine Translation Technology Delivers the Best of Both Worlds

ULG combines AI translation with human expertise to meticulously align the outputs with your needs. We start with an assessment to gauge machine translation suitability, guiding you on when and where to use it for the best results. Post-assessment, we seamlessly integrate top-tier machine translation software into your workflow. Our commitment to refinement and testing continuously improves quality, so your organization gets the best AI translation service for your needs.

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Custom Translations for Your Unique Business Needs

Speaking the Language of Your Industry

We understand that each industry we serve has unique needs. That's why we fine-tune our machine translation solutions to match the specific language and context of various sectors like life sciences, healthcare, finance, and technology. This guarantees that our translations consistently meet the unique requirements of each industry for optimal accuracy and relevance.

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OctaveMT: Redefining Machine Translation for Modern Global Business

Enhanced Efficiency, Security, and Customization for Your Translation Needs

OctaveMT revolutionizes machine translation for global businesses. Our platform integrates statistical, rule-based, and neural machine translations for superior efficiency and accuracy, offering the best machine translation services. Customization at domain and organizational levels minimizes data breach risks and translation costs. A subscription-based model offers flexibility tailored to your volume, speed, and security requirements, ensuring the best AI translation quality and security while accelerating time-to-market.

Finding the Right Fit: ULG’s Machine Translation Solutions


Our secure, self-service portal provides instant translation.

OctaveMT API

Create easy integrations with your own systems for a seamless translation experience.

Curated Neural Machine Translation Engines

Don’t settle for a generic MT engine when ULG can help you create a customized experience for your customers.

Machine Translation and AI FAQs

What is machine translation?


Machine translation is the automated process of translating text or content from one language to another using computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. It provides a quick and cost-effective way to bridge language barriers.

How accurate is machine translation compared to human translation?


Accuracy varies based on the language pair and complexity of the content. That said, machine translation has improved significantly with advancements in neural machine translation (NMT) and natural language processing (NLP). While it can produce accurate translations for many languages and content types, it may still lack the nuanced understanding and cultural context that human translators provide.

What are the advantages of using machine translation services?


Machine translation offers several advantages, including speed and cost-efficiency. It can quickly translate large volumes of text, making it suitable for content like user-generated reviews or technical documentation.

How should a business decide when to use machine translation vs. human translation?


Machine translation is ideal for content that requires quick turnaround, such as customer support inquiries or internal documents. However, for sensitive, high-stakes, or culturally nuanced content like legal documents, marketing materials, or creative writing, human translation is often preferred for its accuracy, consistency of voice and cultural sensitivity.

Can machine translation be customized for specific industries or terminology?


Yes, machine translation can be customized through a process called domain-specific training. This involves training the machine translation engine on industry or brand specific data and terminology. Customization is beneficial for industries like healthcare, finance, marketing and legal, where precision, consistency and domain knowledge are critical. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of machine translation can vary depending on the quality of the technology and the complexity of the content, so choosing the right approach should be based on the specific needs of your translation project.

What machine translation software would you recommend for my business?


ULG offers end-to-end translation management technology in its OctaveTMS suite. However, as opposed to other one-size-fits-all approaches, ULG will collaborate closely with your business to determine what the best translation technology and workflows are for your business, based on a number of factors.

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