CoreMedia Connector

Seamless CoreMedia Content Cloud Localization Integration

United Language Group has developed a seamless CoreMedia Content Cloud translation and localization integration with ULG's OctaveTM platform and CoreMedia's Content Cloud. The API combines CoreMedia's smart, flexible and reusable content platform with ULG's world-class language solutions. The ULG API takes advantage of CoreMedia’s embedded localization support to connect with ULG's industry-specific translation and interpretation workflows, language assets, and global linguistic talent pool. Once connected, ULG language assets can save time and cost while making translation more timely and less painful.

  • Secure: end-to-end encryption provides a greater level of security and protection to your content
  • Simple and easy to use: versioning and multi-user editing via the CoreMedia interface
  • Significantly reduce costs and time to market for multilingual marketing efforts
  • Optimize quality throughout CoreMedia’s end-to-end processes
  • Seamlessly initiate, manage, automate, and track all facets of the translation process without leaving the CoreMedia platform
  • Simplify the selection and sending of content for localization and translation
  • Streamline the multilingual development processes across departments to reduce time to market
  • Expedite importing, reviewing, and approval processes for translated content

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