CoreMedia Content Cloud Localization

CoreMedia Content Cloud Integration for Seamless Translation & Localization

United Language Group has developed an innovative API integration with ULG's OctaveTM platform and CoreMedia's Content Cloud to improve processes and turnaround time. The ULG Connector combines CoreMedia's smart and flexible content platform with United Language Group's world-class language solutions.

The API takes advantage of CoreMedia’s embedded localization support to connect with ULG's industry-specific translation and interpretation workflows, language assets, and global linguistic talent pool. Once connected, ULG language assets can save time and optimize budget while making translation more timely and less painful.

  • Simplified selection and sending of content for localization and translation
  • Streamlined multilingual development processes across departments to reduce time to market
  • Expedited importing, reviewing, and approval processes for translations
  • Increased level of security with end-to-end encryption to protect to your content

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