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Professional Translation Services for Industry Leaders

A robust translation program is the key to global success. From effective internal communication to help forging strategic partnerships, our professional translation services don’t just translate words—they translate language into your competitive advantage.

United Language Group is a major business translation services and interpretation provider worldwide, with offices in seven countries. We partner with hundreds of organizations, following quality processes and relying on our linguistic knowledge. We deliver Total Language Confidence™ by understanding your industry, content, tech, and challenges, to ensure successful solutions.

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Speak with Confidence to Global Markets

As a truly global translation services company with local linguist teams around the world, ULG always has a finger on the pulse of localization trends and cultural accuracy. Whether you need technical document translation services for a product label or a global marketing campaign, our expertise and resource depth helps you build effective relationships everywhere you do business.

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Fast and Effective Translations

Effective and accurate translation services start with language experts. ULG’s professional linguists know more than how to translate and localize—they know your industry. They each undergo rigorous testing to make sure they consistently deliver the quality of work you deserve. Plus, our cutting-edge translation management technology ensures you will receive the most accurate translations and the highest quality customer service.

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  • Document Translation
  • Corporate Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Machine Translation
  • Financial Translation

Document Translation

Professional Document Translation Services

By tapping into the world’s most advanced language software and human translated resources, ULG delivers high-quality technical and engineering translation services with rapid turnaround times. Our technical document translation processes are backed by compliance with ISO standards to ensure translation quality. Additionally, ULG supports translation in over 200 languages, offers 24 hour customer support from United States-based and worldwide teams, and leverages a secure proprietary translation management system for real-time project tracking.

ULG can provided certified document translations for a variety of industries including legal translation services, life sciences, consumer products and IT. Our professional translation company provides official translation services to translate auto manuals, catalogs, datasheets, e-learning modules, service manuals, patents and more.

Corporate Translation

Corporate Translation Services

Major translation projects for corporate materials must be culturally appropriate, incorporating specific idioms and references that speak to target languages and niche audiences. They require accuracy and consistency to deliver messaging about a specific brand or product, and they often call for non-literal translations that focus on concepts, tone and inherent meaning.

ULG’s business translation services team and global project managers review and identify any areas within corporate communications that require cultural adaptations or localization. Our goal: ensure your corporate material translations convey a deep understanding of your unique business cultures.

Legal Translation

Translation Services for Law Firms and Legal Teams

ULG offers reliable legal translation services, combining human and machine translation, to any target language, quickly and affordably. ULG provides Total Language Confidence™ for your legal practice, with translation professionals having extensive knowledge in the industry. We have partnered with the world's top law firms and corporate legal departments, ensuring secure work conditions and 24/7 support to exceed your expectations.

Technical Translation

Precise Technical Translation Services

Accurate technical manual translation services are an increasingly high priority for global businesses. Manuals define the policies, procedures and best practices that establish product safety and effectiveness. To help employees and consumers fully understand this content, you must effectively translate these manuals into a range of languages.

ULG’s expert linguists bring industry subject matter expertise to every manual translation, provide high quality language support for more than 200 languages and dialects, understand modern business practices and provide customized language translation services for policies, procedures and technical materials.

Marketing Translation

Translation Services for Marketing Materials

Maintaining tone and style is critical when managing global marketing content localization. ULG can help you scale content to reach new global stakeholders and customers by using expert translators who know the language, industry subject matter and cultural nuances of the specific audience you’re targeting.

Marketers need an effective combination of language and technology to be successful internationally. ULG specializes in crafting multilingual SEO strategies, providing accurate, consistent content, and executing custom workflows and campaigns. We deliver quality localization and transcreation on schedule and within budget.

Website Translation

Website Translation & Localization Services

Creating positive customer experiences through locally relevant online content is essential for global companies.  As one of the world’s largest language solutions providers, ULG has the language, cultural and global marketing expertise you need to fully engage your international consumers online. From strategic planning to translation and multisite launch, our linguists, project managers and developers have a record of delivering high-quality, locally relevant web content to customers and prospects on a global scale.

Machine Translation

Enterprise Machine Translation Services

ULG customizes and trains machine translation engines for your business. Curated machine translation (MT) keeps brand identity, accelerates turnaround time and reduces costs. We offer a distinct methodology versus other MT services. We test output to check if MT will meet your objectives. Depending on results, we decide if MT is suitable for your sector, content & language. Results may indicate further training is needed for the software to be effective.

Financial Translation

Professional Financial Translation Services

ULG delivers financial translations with a customized approach that accommodates your unique requirements. Our linguists are highly trained in the mechanics of international business, providing the best translation services for financial documents for a new target region. These language solutions pros transfer intangible elements of language across borders with extensive experience and attention to detail.

With ULG, you can rest easy knowing your translation agency can guarantee data security and confidentiality for your financial documents and meet SEC regulations and international security standards. 

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