On-Demand Phone Interpreter Services

Improve LEP Experience with ULG Direct Connect Phone Interpreting

Traditional Over-the-Phone Interpretation companies require the limited English proficiency (LEP) customer to dial your number and attempt to navigate the English menu or work with an English-speaking operator. From an LEP customer's perspective, this can be daunting and frustrating.

United Language Group created the Direct Connect program to improve the LEP user's experience by changing the call flow. With Direct Connect, LEP customers get direct access to an interpreter who speaks their native language and assists them with their call inquiry from start to finish. With this program, the LEP customer's entire journey is in their native language, resulting in ease of communication and an enhanced customer experience.

phone interpreter services diagram

Benefits of Direct Connect

In addition to increasing customer satisfaction and engagement, ULG’s Direct Connect phone interpretation services can help your organization:

  • Enhance User Experience
  • Improve Multilingual Communication
  • Provide a Seamless Customer Journey
  • Reduce Total Wait Time
  • Reduce Call Handling Time by 17%
  • Reduce Incomplete Calls
  • Reduce Costs by 8%

Customize Your Over-the-Phone Interpretation Call Flow Today

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Need to Improve Efficiencies for Multilingual Outbound Calls?

ULG's Community Connect phone interpreter program helps your contact center streamline outbound outreach.