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Jake Schild

Jake Schild
A former newspaper reporter and native Minnesotan, Jake Schild is a staff writer in the marketing department at ULG.

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What Makes A Successful Global Brand?

  Apple. Microsoft. Starbucks. It seems that wherever you go, these brands have a strong presence and a large share of the consumer market. Although most companies start out in one country (or, on a micro level, in the founder’s garage), many have expanded to ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Translation, Service

21 CFR Part 11: Complying with the FDA’s Electronic Records Regulation

With the medical industry constantly expanding and sharing knowledge and products worldwide, having a physical file room to house all paperwork and records is no longer a viable option. Medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies usually ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

New Roles of Economic Operators Under the MDR

  When the European Union passed the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) back in April 2017, economic operators involved in the importation and distribution of medical devices became subject to new regulatory changes that would affect their ability to conduct ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

How Do Financial Companies Use Language Solutions?

  Numbers are numbers, right? A zero is a zero in English the same way it is in Arabic or Mandarin. But what about everything surrounding the numbers in a financial document? What about financial context for different countries, languages, and audiences? ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Financial, Service, Industry

Need to Cut Translation Costs? Read This Before Starting Your Project

You’ve probably heard of the project management triangle, a constant balancing act of speed, quality, and cost. Conventional wisdom suggests you can only pick two of these variables at a time. For translation projects, you won’t want to compromise quality, ...

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Speed Up Project Turnaround Times with These Three Tips

  When shopping around for a Language Solutions Partner (LSP) to work on their translation project, clients tend to use turnaround time as one of the deciding factors. The faster a product gets to market, the faster the client will see an impact on the bottom ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

Five Tips For Localizing Images

  You’ve probably heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true when an organization expands its operations or product offerings into new countries and must communicate effectively with diverse populations and cultures. For ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

Four Ways to Avoid In-country Review Headaches

  The lifecycle of a translation project has many moving parts – translation, proofreading, editing and localization – that need to be accounted for. And even after all these phases are completed and the final document appears to be client-ready, there is ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance: What's the Difference?

You’ve probably heard the term QA/QC, which stands for “Quality Assurance” and “Quality Control.” Together, they comprise what is known as a “total quality management system” (QMS), a comprehensive set of guidelines intended to reduce product and service ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

Three Common Localization Roadblocks and How to Conquer Them

  A recent Coca-Cola marketing campaign in New Zealand didn’t go as planned for the giant soft-drink manufacturer. The company attempted to combine a popular greeting that English-speaking New Zealanders use (“Hello, mate!”) with the indigenous Maori language ...

Topics: Localization, Translation, Service

Which KPIs to Monitor for Translation & Localization Projects

You’ve identified a need to expand your company offerings to a new country or revamp your existing materials to better communicate with different audiences around the world. You’ve collaborated with your Language Solutions Partner (LSP) to define a scope, ...

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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Interpreting

  Interpreters play an essential role in helping people who speak different languages communicate in a wide range of scenarios, such as business meetings, emergency medical calls, and legal support. In addition to their role of translating, interpreters must ...

Topics: Interpreting, Service