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ULG’s Acquisition of Lucy Software: What It Means for Our MT Offerings


In Mid-March, United Language Group (ULG) announced its acquisition of Lucy Software, a leading SAP and Machine Translation (MT) provider.

The merger is an exciting one for ULG, and a great opportunity to collaborate with Lucy Software stakeholders in order to bolster ULG’s MT capabilities.

Lucy was founded in 2006 and has developed formidable, specialized language service technologies for global clients. ULG is happy to begin leveraging the resources Lucy has made available to those in need of translation services, and looks forward to combining its capabilities with the German-based company to better serve its clients.

Lucy is an innovator in the MT realm, and offers an amazing array of MT options that allow clients to customize and streamline their workflows. In particular, Lucy’s MT integrations have made translating internal documents and communications convenient and secure.

Here, we’ll take a look at a couple of Lucy’s technologies we’re most excited about at ULG.


In any industry, protecting client and supplier confidentially is extremely important. And Lucy’s Anonymizer tool for MT is one that ULG is very happy to bring on board.

The tool allows clients to substitute proper nouns, numerical values and other critical information (e.g. banking details) with abstract placeholders in documents that will be machine translated in order to retain anonymity during a project. Clients can customize the system in order to create default settings, making sure that certain names or phrases are redacted before being sent to ULG’s MT system.

By establishing default settings, the Anonymizer allows clients to quickly send documents for MT without having to go through the text and individually redact names that should not be viewed externally.

MS Office Plugin

By acquiring Lucy Software, ULG now also has the ability to offer Microsoft Office MT plugins for clients. The plugin allows international clients to integrate ULG’s MT offerings into Microsoft Word.

Because MT is such a useful tool for translating internal documents that need to be deciphered quickly, the MS Office plugin is a welcome resource to clients who often work with foreign language texts.

Similar to the Microsoft Word MT plugin, ULG now is also able to provide clients with an API connector for Microsoft Outlook, allowing clients to translate email messages in real time. Because emails are (for the most part) internal documents, this solution provides a great way to get information translated fast.

And, like ULG's new Microsoft Word plugin, all translations are done in a secure intranet environment that protects sensitive data. While many companies may be tempted to use a free, online tool like Google Translate, it's unknown what services like Google and Bing will do with your data once it's input into their systems.

Lucy’s MT integration capabilities are also available for a wide variety of Text Content applications, from corporate Content Management Systems (CMSs) up to Business Intelligence solutions. Various application programming interfaces are available, including:

  • Java API
  • Corba API
  • Web Services API (RESTful web services)

Our acquisition of Lucy Software will allow us to combine our already robust MT tools with Lucy’s innovative technologies, creating more effective and secure translation options for global clients.



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