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How to Use Machine Translation to Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Imagine there was a key that could unlock the business intelligence to help you get ahead of your competition, maximize sentiment analysis, improve day-to-day communication among your team members and train global teams without losing anything in translation. ...

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When and How Will AI Truly Understand Human Language? Is It Possible?

  In 2011, the American trivia game show Jeopardy! featured a special guest contestant: IBM’s Watson, a supercomputer. Watson was selected to compete against the show’s top winners, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, to see who would be victorious in this epic ...

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When Free, Unsecured MT Tools Fail: Five Examples of MT Mishaps

Last week, Facebook received strong criticism for an embarrassing translation mistake triggered by its algorithm. After a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit an island in Indonesia in early August, Facebook users poured forth words of support and sympathy, often ...

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Back to Basics: The Benefits of Machine Translation

By jason
If you’re at all familiar with the language translation industry, you’ve heard debate about the pros and cons of machine translation (MT), a technology that uses computer software rather than a human to translate text. Though the technology arrived in the ...

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The Benefits of Bilingualism in Business

  The tremendous effects of bilingualism on the brain are well-known. They can improve your problem-solving abilities, shape your world perspective, and can delay diseases like Alzheimer’s. Another important benefit of bilingualism is the major advantage it ...

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