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How to Use Machine Translation to Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Posted by Deborah Contreras




Imagine there was a key that could unlock the business intelligence to help you get ahead of your competition, maximize sentiment analysis, improve day-to-day communication among your team members and train global teams without losing anything in translation. Imagine your global production process could run more efficiently, driving down cost and turn time.

With Octave MT, you can. For the first time, improved quality and quicker turnaround for less investment is possible. Octave MT is a machine translation platform that automates and streamlines functions including:

  • job tracking
  • workflow organization
  • project management
  • content management

Here is a snapshot of how one company used OctaveMT to open the door to greater productivity:

Machine translation as a production tool

Octave MT can work as an instrument that is completely integrated with production. When one client partnered with ULG to implement Octave MT, they needed a solution that would allow their production to run more smoothly and with faster speed to market.

The challenge: Global production requires an agile translation partner to localize high-quality content under intense time pressure.

Results: Machine translation helped convert critical go-to-market requirements for marketing and technical communication, where quality is necessary, but faster turn times and efficiencies are desired. The powerful combination of machine translation and human validation improved this client’s time to market, and best of all, reduced their cost by 18%.

OctaveMT is designed to be different

OctaveMT is our proprietary technology, and where other machine translation engines fall short, ours is a comprehensive solution. Because it is designed to be a flexible, tiered product that scales to your needs, it can also meet go-to-market translation and production demands, in concert with human validation, for greater control and faster turnaround times – without sacrificing quality output.

If you’re looking to amp up your efficiency and drive down costs with machine translation, contact us today.

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