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Four Capabilities Every Translation Management System Should Have

Posted by Jake Schild on December 30, 2016
To be successful in the global marketplace, companies need to create marketing material in more than one language. And in order to create an effective globalization campaign, you need a Translation Management System (TMS) to host your localization projects. ...

Topics: Consulting, insurance, Strategy

Post Editing 101

Posted by Jake Schild on December 29, 2016
Machine Translation (MT) cuts down on cost and turnaround time, thanks to its ability to decipher large amounts of text quickly. The downside to MT is the fact that it doesn’t have the capacity to translate material as a human does, and is not able to pick up ...

Topics: insurance, Strategy

ISO and the Language Industry

Posted by Jake Schild on December 9, 2016
A faulty translation can lead to embarrassing, and sometimes dire, consequences. Companies are at risk of suffering severe damage to their reputations when global content is translated incorrectly, and, in the medical industry, a bad translation could mean ...

Topics: insurance, Strategy