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Meet the Team: Danielle Meder

Welcome back to the Meet the Team blog! In this month’s edition, we will be featuring Danielle Meder, a member of the Interpretations department. Danielle is the Senior Director of Interpretation, Vendor Management and Quality. Continue reading to learn more ...

Topics: Interpreting, Meet the Team

Telehealth: Maintaining Care & Communication in a Virtual Setting

  Telehealth has proven to be an incredibly effective response to the stay-at-home orders incited by the COVID-19 pandemic. The telehealth services industry is expected to grow nearly 65% in 2020 as demand for simple, efficient, and convenient healthcare ...

Topics: healthcare, Video Remote Interpreting, Telehealth

United Language Group Announces Acquisition of VIA, Inc.

In response to growing demand for legal and compliance-specific language solutions, VIA provides enhanced services, technology, and regulatory expertise to ULG. Minneapolis, MN – March 6, 2018 – United Language Group (ULG) today announced its acquisition of ...

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