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France Enforces GDPR Violations; Fines Google Nearly $57 Million




Today’s announcement that France has fined Google nearly $57 million for GDPR violations. This makes it clear just how serious the European Union is about enforcing the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Tech companies that operate worldwide are under pressure to make sure they comply. And, in this instance, Google’s fines stem from not being transparent regarding how user data is collected and used, while also failing to obtain user consent to receive personalized ads.

In addition to protecting user data, GDPR has stringent data breach response requirements — requiring rapid mobilization of communications in multiple languages via digital and print mediums, and over-the-phone call center capabilities to respond to consumer concerns.

If your business is holding any kind of EU consumer data, GDPR applies to you and you’ll need a language services partner that is well-versed in GDPR compliance. United Language Group (ULG) can help ensure your organization is prepared to meet the language component of GDPR compliance every step of the way.


To find out more about how United Language Group can support all aspects of your multilingual GDPR compliance program, contact us today!