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Growing Globally: How ULG Came To Be


United Language Group (ULG) was created in June of 2016, after acquiring KJ International Resources (KJI) and Merrill Brink International, two leading language service providers. The merger has allowed ULG to expand its translation and localization offerings, increase the size of our global teams and improve our technologies.

Prior to the merger, KJI had been in business since 1994, working hard to provide high quality language services to its clients. Merrill Brink had a history of more than 30 years in the language industry.


Building a New Global Network

The beginning of the relationship between KJI and ULG began in our home city, Minneapolis. ULG is an innovative translation and localization provider founded on quality processes and language expertise, and one of the world’s 25 largest language services providers, based in seven global offices on three continents.

Like KJI before it, ULG is headquartered in Minneapolis, with global offices in New York, London, Galway (Ireland), Hong Kong, Mumbai, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Los Angeles. ULG has financial backing from Northern Pacific Group (NPG), a Minneapolis-based private equity firm.

The private equity firms behind ULG purchased KJI and Merrill Brink to build a portfolio of complimentary, high-performing language service organizations. Together, KJI and Merrill Brink have been able to provide expertise in translation process development and implementation with global clients in highly regulated industries.

In December of 2016, ULG acquired Language Select, a leading interpretation services provider, allowing us to provide a greater number of services to our clients. And, in March of 2017, ULG announced its acquisition of Lucy Software, a German-based company that specializes in SAP localization and Machine Translation.


Leading the Way to a Bright Future


After building an independent global brand for over 22 years, KJI co-founders Kristen Giovanis and Janna Lundberg were more than happy to usher the company into an exciting new future.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with ULG. This opportunity will benefit our clients as we expand our current translation and localization offerings, and further advance our skills and expertise within highly regulated industries,” said Giovanis, co-founder and CEO of KJI, and President of United Language Group after the merger was announced.

“With KJI and Merrill Brink, ULG will be able to provide the same level of quality on a much larger scale, with an expanded global footprint as a result of this acquisition.”

Giovanis and Lundberg’s proven calculus of language success, along with strategic guidance from the board of directors have expanded ULG’s growth opportunities.


Quality Translation and Localization Services


Building a company on a global scale takes time, skill, and knowledge, and a lot of happy clients. ULG will continue to provide quality translation and localization services on time, and within budget for our client partners, building on our relationships and accomplishments.

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