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Takeaways & Trends: What we learned at LocWorld40 2019

Our digital world is changing multilingual communication and the way we localize for global markets. At this year’s LocWorld40 “Go Global, Be Global” conference in Estoril, Portugal we uncovered insights into the dawn of language innovations and new ways to approach partnership in the age of AI.

Key Takeaway: While others go, proprietary tech is here to stay

Globalizing businesses are doing away with clunky technology platforms in favor of lighter software systems. Today’s localization needs have new standards for quality and efficiency, and often require a language partner that invests resources for proprietary technology development.

At ULG, we make it a regular practice to invest in technology that can keep up with the times. With proprietary tools like OctaveTMS and OctaveMT, we have the flexibility and control to create specialized language programs for each individual client.  This ability to customize our software aids in the localization process as technology adjustments can be made to fit specific cultural requirements.

Another advantage of proprietary technology is the opportunity for knowledge-sharing. Because we own the platform, we can integrate feedback from users to continually improve the UI and innovate pathways to efficient localization.

Trend Outlook: Machine Translation is on the rise

Artificial Intelligence technologies, while still largely discussed as theoretical practices, were identified as an important component to focus on as the industry develops. The use of Machine Translation (MT), however, is increasingly embedded in many corporate workflows.

For example, Dell presumes that at least 65% of their content is touched by MT. They aim to push this to 75% in the next year. In 2017, ULG acquired Lucy, a tech-focused LSP that specializes in SAP localization projects and MT systems for some of the largest global brands. With this technology, we have been able to stay on top of the rising demands for MT, and provide clients with fast and accurate translation services.

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