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4 Benefits of Multilingual Digital Content and Videos




Many organizations struggle to manage the demand for quality digital content and videos in just one language. So, is it worth it to provide content in other languages also? If you have a global audience, the answer is "yes." Here are four powerful benefits of multilingual content and videos.


extend the reach of your content by making it available in multiple languages.


Once upon a time, English monopolized the internet. In the mid-90s, 80% of online content was only available in English. Those days have long since passed. As more of the world grows online, other languages are gaining ground. In fact, according to W3Techs, only about 53% of online content is in English these days.

However, only around 25% of internet users speak English. That means there's a tremendous demand for content in other popular languages, including Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

The benefits are clear: multilingual content can reach more people than English-only content. The only question is whether you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to do so. 


Multilingual digital content is more persuasive, leading to higher sales.


Studies show that people prefer to buy products in their native languages. According to Common Sense Advisory, 75% of consumers prefer to shop online in their own languages – even if they understand English, also.

Does your organization give them what they prefer? If not, one of your competitors will.


multilingual digital content improves seo.


Everyone wants their website the first page of Google results. However, search results partially depend on language. That first page of results looks entirely different if you search for a given term in Spanish vs. English.

Naturally, the more digital content you translate into a given language, the easier it will be for potential customers who speak that language to find your site.


multilingual digital content provides a better user experience.


There's no question that multilingual content and video creates a better user experience. Most of the time, people will avoid websites that require a lot of time and mental effort to access. How often do you visit a site that's only available in a language you don't speak? Sure, there are free tools like Google Translate available that could help visitors get the gist of content and navigate the website. However, expecting users to rely on these tools assumes they are:

  • Willing and able to use free translation tools.
  • Deciphering imperfect translations.
  • Making sense of unfamiliar elements like date formats and currency.

All of those create irritation. If users have the option to go to another site written in their language, that's what they'll do.


If you think translating your digital content is going to take too much time or cost too much money, contact us.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy, efficient and affordable our technology will make it to bring the benefits of multilingual digital content to your organization.