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Global Marketing Guides: Brazil


One of the largest countries in terms of both land and population, Brazil also happens to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Economic expansion (despite a recent recession), a growing middle class and vibrant urban centers make Brazil an attractive market for international businesses. But how do you best adapt your global marketing strategy for this still emerging economy?

Brazil’s consumer culture and language require special attention from outside companies looking to expand their reach there. However, granting that required attention to the particularities of the Brazilian market can yield exciting results.

If companies properly address the requirements of Brazilian Portuguese translation, have a full understanding of the average consumer and dig deep into the world of digital localization and marketing, they will be granted access to a wealth of growth opportunities and potential revenue. Here are a few ways to prepare your global marketing strategy and your business for entering the amazing world of Brazil.

Pay Close Attention When Translating into Brazilian Portuguese

Along with Portugal, Mozambique and several other countries, Portuguese is the official and most commonly spoken language in Brazil. But Brazilian Portuguese differs in several important ways from African and European Portuguese. Those include significant differences in vocabulary and spelling.

When translating digital or print copy, documents, or a website for your global marketing plan, don’t think that just a single translation into Portuguese will make these materials ready for a Brazilian audience.

Be prepared to translate and localize all of your print materials and your company’s web presence into Brazilian Portuguese, specifically. Making the mistake of thinking that European or African Portuguese will work for Brazilians can make your message unclear and disconnect you from your intended audience.

To Understand Consumer Behavior, Understand the Economy

Though still considered an important emerging market, Brazil has lately been experiencing an economic recession. This economic downturn has deeply affected Brazilian consumers and their purchasing habits.

In previous years, Brazilian shoppers were known for brand loyalty, preferring more expensive products, especially high-end or luxury goods. But since the recession, the average consumer has been much more reserved with spending and more reluctant to purchase pricier items.

Brazilians are by no means unique in that spending trends are affected by the country’s economy; any consumer anywhere will spend less money in times of economic hardship. But according to data surrounding consumer confidence and optimism, the typical effects of recession “are amplified and intensified in Brazil.”

By understanding the state of Brazil’s economy, you’ll better understand Brazil’s consumers. Adjust your growth plan and global marketing strategies accordingly, and you can ensure that your product and marketing message resonates with Brazilians the way you want it to.

Brazilian Global Marketing Plans Require Digital Campaigns

It’s no secret that the Digital Age has entirely changed the world of marketing, and this is no different in Brazil. The Internet and social media in particular hold a large amount of sway over Brazilian consumers. And, in some cities, the Internet is the only place potential customers can even see advertising.

A robust digital marketing plan in Brazil should obviously pay attention to SEO and a well populated Facebook page. But companies have had huge successes in the market by taking it one step further.

Does your company have an active YouTube channel with thoughtful and entertaining videos? A compelling or unique internet video, even if it’s an advertisement, can gain a lot of traction. Companies have also had great success using Twitter hashtags to stir up buzz and conversation online. And your options aren’t limited to just these few ideas. Thinking a little outside the box and working to create something unique will take you a long way.

Standing out can be a difficult task in our modern marketplace. But taking the time to craft a marketing strategy that will really catch Brazilian consumers’ attention is the best way to make that happen. If your business can fully speak to Brazilians in their language, understand the power of the economy and invest in digital outreach, your brand is sure to stick out from the crowd.





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