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eLearning Solutions Executives Will Use

Executives are busy. It's difficult for them to devote time to new training. And taking an eLearning course may require them to use new technology, adding to the perception that it will be especially time consuming. This can make it difficult to sell them on the importance of doing so.

How do you overcome common objections to the use of eLearning?

It’s important to focus on the reason for training: to address a specific business need. From big picture strategy to tactical implementation, executives are innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders chosen precisely for their ability to provide solutions - they respond to business needs.

Executives serve as both strategic thought leaders and storytellers. Being able to tell an organization's story is an essential quality of executive leadership. Fortune 500 companies have even created new executive positions for individuals who have a distinctive voice and the ability to communicate the unique spirit of their organizations.

The most effective executive training program directly addresses business needs while also modeling and reinforcing effective storytelling. This type of training will provide the evidence executives need to recognize the value of eLearning


When pitching new learning for executive audiences:

  • Address challenges from a business needs perspective
  • Demonstrate the value-add of the training with tangible before and after key performance indicators
  • Provide short, modular learning units that are singular, consumable and form part of a larger story
  • Identify the target audience's level of comfort with technology and build training that aligns
  • Use elements of strategic storytelling to outline problems and solutions, lesson learned, and a call to action
  • Suggest opportunities for practical application of the training

Training that provides relevant content in a succinct and engaging manner while also offering executives the opportunity to develop and exercise critical skills will provide the greatest value.

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