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Twitter and the Translation Industry: Who to Follow


There’s a lot to learn in the translation industry.

Keeping up with technological trends, regulations and industry standards can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the business. Add to that the fact that translation is a niche industry and doesn’t get much play in the media, it can be hard to know where to start.

Luckily, social media has leveled the playing field. There’s an abundance of translation and localization news on Twitter for anyone interested in the industry. Everything from machine translation to multilingual content management systems is discussed in the Twittersphere, making it a great outlet for anyone curious about language solutions.

However, we understand that busy professionals don’t always have time to dig through social accounts in search of the best information. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of translation and localization Twitter accounts that we think are worth a follow.

Slator – Industry News Hotspot

Slator is a great source of information for anything dealing with translation. Recognized as one of the industry’s main content influencers, Slator publishes multiple blogs each week while producing white papers and press releases.Slator keeps its Twitter feed updated with its most recent articles, pumping out information on acquisitions, industry trends and technology. This is a great feed to watch for up-to-date industry knowledge.

Common Sense Advisory – Research and Analysis from the Pros

Common Sense Advisory is an independent research firm that creates language industry content focusing on business growth, analysis and trends. On its website, Common Sense says it aims to “help you do your job” with its research. On top of dealing with translation, Common sense provides information on marketing, web content and interpretation.

You’ll often see Common Sense stats and analysis cited by other companies dealing in translation and localization.

Multilingual – The Publication in the Language Industry

Seen as the academic publication in the language industry, Multilingual is a great resource for long-form articles on translation and localization. Multilingual’s website contains free articles, as the journal itself requires a subscription, as well as news items and a handy glossary of commonly used translation terms. Multilingual’s Twitter feed is a strong source of translation information.

GALA – A Community of Language Industry Knowledge

GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) is a non-profit trade association within the language industry. GALA works on a membership system and provides networking opportunities, educational resources and invites to translation and localization events. Following GALA is a good way to get information on upcoming translation and localization events.

Verbaccino – Multilingual Marketing

Verbaccino is the Worldly Marketer’s Podcast Twitter page. Run by Kathrin Bussmann, the podcast explores multilingual marketing and strategies to help bring your brand to a diverse audience. Verbaccino’s Twitter page has links to podcast episodes along with other content for those interested in multilingual marketing.

Content Wrangler – Marketing As it Relates to a Global Audience

The Content Wrangler focuses on a number of topics within the marketing and translation realm, including localization, tech, and strategies for creating strong content. Its Twitter page shares helpful articles as well as webinars to attend.

Ingeniux – CMS Made Easy

Seattle-based Ingeniux is a content management system provider that was recently recognized as being a trendsetter in the CMS industry. Ingeniux provides multilingual CMSs for global companies and has tips and tricks for SEO and content management, among other things, on its Twitter page.

Follow ULG

There are many more accounts that are worth keeping up with, of course, but the aforementioned group is a good start. There’s no shortage of information on the translation and localization industries online, you just have to know where to look.

United Language Group’s Twitter account focuses on keeping its followers up to date on the latest developments in the language industry. The impact technology has and will continue to have on translation is at the forefront of the language world, and we try hard to be cognizant of that in our content selection.

ULG provides interesting stories affecting the translation industry as well as content that’s tailored to each vertical we work within. We also keep our Twitter feed current with information about employment opportunities and any new technology we release. Follow us to keep up with the latest ULG news.


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