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What is HITRUST, and Why Should You Care?

By Christopher Crowhurst, CTO


Last week I became a statistic. One of the half billion – yes, that’s five followed by eight zeros – people who had their information compromised by the Marriot hotel database hack.

It’s easy to think that you won't be a target of hacking. We hear about these large hacks with growing frequency, but that’ll never happen to your company, right? Not big enough, not interesting enough, not controversial?


Everyone and everything (digital) is a target.


That’s the only mindset that will protect you and your data.

The landscape of information security standards, compliance and certifications is growing rapidly. Without a strategic approach, you’ll be constantly scrambling to react and implement. United Language Group (ULG) has taken the position of highest common denominator compliance. We closely examine our services and the industries we work with. We choose the most robust and rigorous standards that encompass the broadest set of services and implement them holistically. We also review the standards and threat vectors routinely and adjust our strategy and implementation to ensure we meet the growing threats in a timely fashion.


ulg has adopted hitrust cfs.


This is now our standard for information security compliance. This approach encompasses everything from risk assessment, personnel screening, and the physical security of our data environments. We’re applying this to all United Language Group departments, regardless of whether they service the healthcare industry – the primary focus of HITRUST – or not.


many language solution providers say they're secure - but, can they demonstrate it? 


Externally audited and certified standards, such as HITRUST CFS, provide a level of assurance to prospective and existing clients. We decrease the cost of auditing for our clients by using external auditors.  Clients rely on third party audits and certifications to bypass some of their, otherwise necessary, in-depth audits of our policy, procedure and environment.

Complying with HITRUST CFS is not a guarantee of impenetrability. ULG’s IT teams are focused on constant improvement and vigilance to ensure we protect the data that our customers have entrusted with us. We take our role very seriously and have invested in establishing the policy, processes, personnel and technology we need to ensure we can detect, protect and prevent data breaches.


Don’t just take our word that you can trust us with your data. Review our certifications, verifications and compliance statements from ISO, PCI, HIPPA, 21 CFR Part 11, HITRUST and more to understand the depth of our commitment to ensuring your data is protected. Contact us today to learn more.



Christopher Crowhurst is United Language Group’s Chief Technology Officer. He’s also a husband, father, yogi, meditator, vegan, and kayaker.