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What does HITRUST certification mean? 3 Important Facts to Consider

ULG achieved HITRUST CSF certification in 2019 as a means to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive information and managing data risk. HITRUST is a non-profit authoritative body that establishes wholistic security standards and regulations and combines them into one rigorous framework.

Earning HITRUST certification may seem like just another feather to stick in a cap but, in reality, it can bring tangible and important benefits to any clients where security is a priority.


Here are 3 crucial aspects to consider when it comes to HITRUST certification:


1. It’s a two-part assessment

Understanding the procedure for achieving HITRUST is key to understanding its importance. The process to become HITRUST certified is twofold: 1) Completing a self-assessment, and 2) Undergoing third party audit.

Any organization can evaluate their internal procedures, complete the self-assessment form, and consider itself “self-certified HITRUST” without receiving confirmation from an auditor of the security and risk management protocols. Obtaining the third-party verification can’t be overlooked when scoping out HITRUST vendors, as it is what confirms the strictest security measures are being enforced to protect your data.


2. It’s critical to the healthcare world

ULG takes the utmost care when handling confidential information which is especially critical in the healthcare industry. Partnering with a HITRUST verified vendor ensures that patients’ records will be safeguarded, and any potential risk is mitigated.

Staying up to date on the requirements that fall under HITRUST – such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST and COBIT and more - can be a moving target for healthcare providers and use up precious resources. As a HITRUST certified partner, we are verified to be compliant with these regulations which can allow clients to scale back their own auditory management and simplify their regulatory processes.


3. It can help protect a company’s reputation

HITRUST certification verifies that a company uses the strictest requirements with high risk data.
In the event of a data breach or security lapse, you want to know that your company took as many precautionary steps as possible to uphold compliance and provide a secure environment for sensitive information. Choosing a HITRUST certified partner is a simple way to do that.

For more information on our HITRUST certification, read the full press release here


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