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Why Linguist Engagement is Critical to Capture Global Audiences

In today's international marketplace, global branding is a powerful tool for businesses aiming to connect with multicultural, multilingual audiences. Brands that resonate with local audiences thrive, but it can be challenging to maintain this resonance consistently across languages and cultures.

Most of the world's most recognizable brands engage a Language Service Provider (LSP) to achieve global efficiency and scale in localization. But this can mean that the linguists handling the translations are not as in tune with the brand as an in-house team would be.

Brand dilution doesn’t have to be the price you pay for growing your business globally. Our translation experts share what they’ve learned about the benefits of having an engaged team of linguists translating your brand messaging, and how to cultivate that engagement while working with an LSP.

The benefits of engaged linguists

When the linguists who translate your content understand and value your brand, they can offer the following benefits:

  • Building stronger connections with consumers: Engaged linguists understand your brand’s core messages and can convey them in a culturally relevant way, which builds integration with your local market, increasing market share.
  • Improving consistency in voice, tone, and style, enhancing performance to drive results.
  • Reducing turnaround time by cutting down on internal review cadences.
  • Optimizing results with linguists who understand your strategic needs and objectives and utilize their knowledge of the target language and culture to help you achieve them.  

When linguist engagement is high, you receive the benefits of an in-house linguist team while optimizing budget spend with the scale benefits of a language service provider.

From linguists to brand advocates with ULGEngage

Partnering with an LSP shouldn’t mean sacrificing the consistency of your brand or the effectiveness of your content for increased efficiency and scale. Our team has developed a linguist proprietary program to revolutionize marketing localization called ULGEngage.

ULGEngage is a collaborative initiative between client and the dedicated linguist teams that captures your internal team knowledge, builds brand consistency and affinity, and fosters a true working relationship between brands and dedicated ULG project teams.

Engaged linguists go beyond typical expectations to embed themselves in your brand's identity, acting as an extension of your team. They are aligned with your brand’s voice, tone, and style, so your content is consistently high-quality in all target markets.

Here’s what a successful linguist engagement program looks like:

Brand immersion

When linguists log on to work on your translations, they’re completely immersed in your brand. Our goal is to bring these linguists as in-house as possible, and sometimes that means putting our own brand aside.

Interactive linguist training

Another pillar of the ULGEngage program is training linguists to act as brand advocates bringing your content to a global audience.

We provide linguists with interactive branding information that goes beyond a traditional style guide. Style guides are integral to ensuring a consistent brand voice across multiple markets, but a static PDF isn’t always the best way to present the information inside them.

We also gamify the training experience so it’s fun and engaging. This leads to more effective learning and a reinforced linguist-brand connection.

Measurement and improvement

With this program, we close the gap between your brand and our linguists, which results in our linguists feeling like a part of your team.

 Instead of being disconnected from your brand, they are knowledgeable about your products and messaging and as committed to your success as you are. We customize the entire process around your team’s business objectives, measure the results and adjust accordingly.
Our clients have seen drastically improved stakeholder satisfaction and less time spent on internal translated content reviews. The goal is to ensure your translated content performs as well in your target languages as it did in the source language.  

“A major brand who implemented ULGEngage remarked that it was the most innovative and genuine program they have seen from an LSP,” said Orla Creaven VP of Localization Services. “We are thrilled to provide our clients with a solution that creates linguists who are brand ambassadors.”

ULGEngage is available to enterprise businesses whose global branding or translation needs require a dedicated team of engaged expert linguists.

Partner with an LSP who prioritizes your target market goals

Finding the right translation partner isn't just a task to check off; it's a strategic tactic that can make or break a brand's global reputation. Our team is here to help you enhance your global brand with a team of experts who understand your business and are committed to your success.

Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help you achieve your goals and objectives.