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The Power of Partnerships to Improve Lives Worldwide

Earlier this month, United Language Group (ULG) partnered with LocWorld, Next Level Globalization (NLG), and Boston Scientific to discuss the power of partnership. Speakers Eileen Kerry and Tommy Davin from ULG met with Barny Westfold, the marketing operations group manager for Boston Scientific, and Michael Oettli, managing director for NLG.

The Value of a Language Partner

During the collaboration session, Barny Westfold spoke of the importance of using a language provider. Westfold related that prior to using a language service provider (LSP), the translations that Boston Scientific was using were very inaccurate. Then, in 2019, the company began its partnership with ULG and NLG. Westfold explained that after seeing the benefits this partnership delivers, Boston Scientific will always use an LSP going forward. Because Boston Scientific produces medical devices that are sold across the globe, it is essential that translation is done properly.


Translation + Localization

In addition to translation, Boston Scientific has discovered the importance of localization that LSPs like United Language Group can provide. How is localization different from translation? Translation is deciphering written words to carry its meaning across from one language to another. Localization goes beyond translation. It involves adapting content on a more granular level to avoid local taboos and appeal to cultural preferences. ULG works with your IT, web development, and other teams at each stage of the process to ensure effective localization of your software, websites, multilingual application development, internationalization testing, and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).


Streamlined Language Processes

Westfold stated that one of the most critical pieces that has arisen from Boston Scientific’s collaboration with ULG is the creation of the Boston Scientific translation guide. A translation guide is a glossary of common words and phrases that ULG curates specifically for each company that requests them. Westfold explained that if it had not implemented the translation guide, Boston Scientific would not have been able to advance at the pace it has since the partnership began.


Westfold added that the process for clients to request any language needs has been transformed; now, it takes just a couple of clicks for clients to submit any request, whether basic or extremely complex.


United Language Group is proud to work with such an impactful company as Boston Scientific. Both ULG and Boston Scientific understand the power of a great relationship and the immense work that a language service provider can facilitate worldwide. United Language strives to create a world in which language is no longer a barrier to improving lives all over the world.