Life Sciences

Life Sciences Language Solutions

Customized Language Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

The Life Sciences industry is subject to regulations and uses scientific language, making it particularly complex. At United Language Group, we pride ourselves on being industry experts, so you don’t need to take the time to bring us up to speed on regulations, industry-specific guidelines, and the strictest global requirements.

We understand scientific language and processes as well as the settings in which your translations may be used. We can help you continue to be a leader in the industry as we remove barriers so you can speak clearly to your audiences. Language is our business.


Our Core Services

Our diverse service offerings will help you be an industry leader in new global markets and ensure language is not a barrier.



Accurate language translation is your key to success in the global marketplace. If you want to expand worldwide, our expert translation services open the door.

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Interpreting Solutions


We offer interpreting services for everything from emergency calls to business transactions. We ensure clear, quality communication.

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Contact Center Solutions


We provide a variety of solutions to remove boundaries within your customer service, recruitment, patient monitoring and pharmacovigilance teams.

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Linguistic Validation


We’ll serve as your partner to ensure all translations are culturally appropriate across all areas. Our experts create processes to minimize time to market, limit risk and ensure the upmost compliance.

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Pharmacovigilance & Safety Reporting


Our thorough processes ensure rapid translation of all pharmacovigilance information. From adverse reactions to hospitalization reports, we ensure our safety reporting process is agile and precise.


How We Work

At United Language Group, we recognize that we are not a life sciences company; we are an exceptional partner for a life sciences company. We rely heavily on our strong project management and open communication. Our teams’ superior industry knowledge translates to high quality, efficient and cost effective translation services.

Life Sciences Language Solutions

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to some of the strictest standards of translation accuracy. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies must get their products to consumers quickly to cover the high costs of research and testing.

Medical Devices

To compete globally in the complex and highly regulated medical device industry, effective language services are critical. The translation and localization experts at United Language Group understand the medical device industry and its regulatory requirements.

Contract Research Organizations

Global clinical trials require rigorous processes. United Language Group handles translation and localization of your materials for a global audience, allowing your organization to focus its resources on what it does best.

What Makes Us Unique

Unlike other language service providers, our life sciences team has broad hands-on, results-driven experience in developing customized software, working alongside clients to determine effective performance indicators, ensuring regulatory compliance and more.

Personalized Language Processes


We customize our processes that are compliant with ISO standards to your needs by testing and adapting procedures that respond to your unique and ever-changing regulatory environment. With ULG, you can be confident that you’ll receive sound risk management advice during global expansion as well as expert consulting on localization and regulatory compliance trends.

Agile Innovation & Technology


When it comes to technology, our philosophy centers on providing best‑in‑class platforms that deliver the flexibility our clients need, augmented by our proprietary systems. Combined with our exceptional people and management tools, this results in a seamless delivery experience.

Rigorous Language Quality Management


We have our quality control processes down to a science. Every year, we open our quality system to independent auditors, who inspect our adherence to ISO and other international standards. We also solicit and implement customer feedback, creating a cycle of continuous and measurable quality improvements.

Genuine Life Sciences Expertise


With more than 35 years of experience in the life sciences industry, we know what your organization is competing against: regulatory compliance, transition to telehealth, new technologies and expanded markets. From clinical trial results to consumer product labeling, ULG delivers Total Language Confidence™ that your documentation conforms to even the strictest global requirements. We understand scientific language and processes as well as the settings in which your translations may be used.

Global Partnership Approach


United Language Group is an experienced global marketing partner. Our linguists are experts in local languages and cultures around the world, so your message can come through clearly and resonate with audiences around the world.


Our QMS/ISMS Policy

At ULG, our highest ideal and ‘True North’ is a persistent practice of daily improvement performed by everyone on our team. This serves our commitment to delivering the highest quality language services that meet client and applicable regulatory requirements, as well as achieving client satisfaction. We will protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information through the controls established in our Information Security Management System, satisfying both contractual and legal obligations. ULG will continually improve its Quality and Information Security Management Systems, assessing their effectiveness through the regular review of objectives.


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