Life Sciences

Expertise in Life Sciences Industry Language Solutions

From clinical trial results to consumer product labeling, ULG delivers Total Language Confidence™ that your documentation conforms to even the strictest global requirements. We understand scientific language and processes as well as the intricacies of settings in which your translations may be used.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Industry Solutions from Subject Matter Experts

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Many pharmaceutical companies target a global audience, so precise localization services are a necessity. In order to help generate funds to cover the high overhead costs from product research and testing, your company must reach consumers quickly and effectively. Let us deliver the language services you need to comply with your regulatory environment and accurately deliver product information to your customers.

Medical Devices

We know that medical device manufacturers operate in a highly regulated space, and quickly reaching your global audience to capture market share before your competitors is critical. This means that effective localization services should be a key piece of your global marketing plan. Our proven localization solutions will meet your regulatory needs for technical publications in an array of languages to apply to consumers worldwide.

Clinical Research Organizations

With a plethora of essential tasks to prioritize, localization resources may not always be available within your internal teams. Instead of attempting to manage the entire process for your research organization, let us handle this responsibility with language translation solutions applicable to your specific needs.

Industry Solutions from Subject Matter Experts

With years of experience working in more than 200 languages, we’ve garnered a team of linguists with expertise in life sciences. Our collaborative approach to processes for each of your language projects lets us build strong relationships with your team as we deliver strong technology interfaces to assist with our comprehensive language solutions. We have developed robust translation methods that let us offer unbeatable turnaround times as your reliable language partner.

Life Sciences Interpreting Services

ULG offers the following life sciences interpreting solutions:

  • Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI)
  • In-person interpreting
  • Video remote interpreting (VRI)
  • Conference and meeting interpreting


Personalized Language Processes

We customize our ISO-certified processes to your needs by testing and adapting procedures that respond to your unique and ever-changing regulatory environment. With ULG, you can be confident that you’ll receive sound risk management advice during global expansion, as well as expert consulting on localization and regulatory compliance trends.