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How Specialized Bilingual Resources Moved More Members to Complete their Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Solving HRA Completion Rate Challenges with Bilingual Care Liaisons and Bilingual Resources for LEP Outreach

One central objective that many health insurers face is increasing Health Risk Assessment (HRA) completion rates among hard-to-reach populations through engagement. A major health engagement provider enlisted the knowledge and expertise of United Language Group (ULG) to increase HRA completion rates within hard-to-reach populations with the goals of strengthening the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Star Ratings and capturing health data for early preventive action.

Using bilingual care liaisons and bilingual resources to better engage LEP members, ULG optimized the health engagement provider’s legacy member engagement process. Medicare and Medicaid are highly complicated and nuanced which can build obstacles for providers. The bilingual team in this study was specifically trained in the nuances of both Medicare, Medicaid, and Special Needs Plan (SNP) case management.

Additionally, ULG utilized A/B testing on several outreach methods, voicemail scripts, and process flows to help optimize their outreach. This process allowed members to receive voicemails in their native language and to schedule their HRA’s with a bilingual call center care liaison.

Higher Completion Rates and Relationship Building In Language

This outreach resulted in two major outcomes: Increased completion rates and relationship building in language. Due to the combination of process enhancements and bilingual call center liaisons, this provider saw a 31% increase in their HRA completion rates over the course of just one month. As for relationship building in language, LEP members were able to strengthen their trust and cultivate relationships with the health engagement provider. The increase in engagement rates led to a healthier overall member population.

Enrique Rosado, EVP of LEP Health Determinants and Accessibility at United Language Group speaks to how this case captures the importance of health equity: "Connecting with members in their language and enhancing processes to better meet their unique needs is proven to have a considerable impact on engagement rates. In this situation, the increase in HRA completion rates, and in such a short amount of time, speaks to the value of these solutions and their positive impact on creating a healthier population.”

To learn more about ULG’s success with bilingual call center liaisons and staff and what deliverables we provided this organization in order to improve their CMS scores, click here.


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