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United Language Group Team Grew Globally in 2022

Our people are what make ULG great. Our global team of 500+ is savvy, dedicated and passionate about creating language service solutions. This year we were fortunate to expand opportunities for our team by adding jobs as well as providing career growth. From operations to marketing to sales, we were able to exceed customer expectations while gaining new partnerships and providing people around the world a place to thrive. Since July, we have hired 217 people and promoted 164 people globally. 

New Hires (US based):

John Armijo – Contract & Legal Support Manager
Ana Balderas – Call Center Operator
Nicole Bell – Training Manager
Minche Brown – Call Center Operator
Joseph Cannon – Business Development Representative 
Taylor Connor – Call Center Operator
Jennafer Crofts – Business Development Manager
Joseph Cruz – Business Development Representative
Melissa Cuellar – Call Center Operator
Olga Daggs – Localization Global Program Manager
Sasha Dallas – Customer Service Representative
John Doyle – Vice President of Sales
Cynthia Duke – Business Development Representative
Maria Elias Ochoa – Quality Assurance Specialist
Leandro Encarnacion – Community Engagement Manager
Alejandro Esquinca Jr. – Customer Service Representative
Karen Ewing – Vice President of Sales
Johnathan Flores – Call Center Operator
Leslie Garcia – Call Center Operator
Henry Givens – Call Center Operator
Sabrina Gonzales – Call Center Operator
Rene Gonzalez – Call Center Operator
Christopher Goodhue – Business Development Manager
Stella Green – Customer Service Representative
Moutavious Harris – Customer Service Representative
Elizabeth Hartman – Business Development Manager
Aaliyah Henderson – Call Center Operator
Joseph Hernandez – Customer Service Representative 
Shannon Hernandez – Customer Service Representative
Jamica Hilliard – Customer Service Representative
DeAnthony Hunt – Customer Service Representative
Tansu Islam – Project Manager
Belinda Jones – Call Center Operator
Francie King – Public Relations and Communication Manager
Adri Lawson – Call Center Operator
Marissa Lopez – Customer Service Representative
Phaebra Marshall – Customer Service Representative
Carlos Martinez IV – Call Center Operator
Claudia Martinez – Customer Success Coordinator
Patrick McColley III – Liaison
Diana Miller – Digital Marketing Manager
Denise Moreno – Call Center Operator
Alysha Moss – Customer Service Representative
Megan Murphy – Project Manager
Kevin Ocampo-Lopez – Bilingual Community Navigator
Jennifer Pikal – Credentialing Specialist
Elisabeth Posadas – Business Development Manager
Jessica Price – Customer Service Representative
Jasmine Reeves – Call Center Operator
Germany Reyna – Customer Service Representative
Alawna Reynolds – Call Center Operator
Juel Rodriguez – Call Center Operator
Trinity Salazar – Call Center Operator
Kay Senderovich – Business Development Representative
Lynette SimmonsOuting – Call Center Operator
Nancy Smith – Call Center Operator
Katiria Soliman – Senior Business Development Manager
Jennifer Spiller – Strategic Account Manager
Cimbelyne Steeley – Call Center Team Lead
Jennifer Stresnak – Brand Manager
Patricia Tracy – Call Center Operator
Jennifer Treadwell – Customer Service Representative 
Alexandra Trolley – Call Center Operator
Lexus Valdez – Call Center Operator
Emilio Vasquez – Sales Administrator
Yuliana Villalobos – Call Center Operator
Taylor Weeden – Project Manager
Joel Weiler – Growth Marketing Manager
Tamica Williams – Call Center Operator
Ester Woolridge – Call Center Operator
Dominique Wright – Project Manager
Daniel Wrzesinski – Call Center Operator
Victoria Zampieri – Bilingual Community Navigator

Promotions (US based, new title listed)

Nimah Abdullahi – Customer Service Representative
Keny Alvarez-Bran – Customer Service Representative
Suit-Heng Chong – Localization Global Program Director
Dylan Garcia – Data Analyst
Karla Garcia - Liaison
Nancy Gutierrez – HOST Project Manager
Razondria Mann - Liaison
Giovanni Manzo – Call Center Team Lead
Paul McKeever – Customer Service Representative
Pedro Meija – IT Support Engineer
Anika Rios - Liaison
Johana Ruiz – Liaison Supervisor
Iti Sahai – Project Manager
Michele Smith - Liaison
Katiria Soliman – Senior Business Development Manager
Nancy L. St. John – Customer Service Representative
Cimbelyne Steeley – Call Center Team Lead
Sahar Vojoodi – International Director of Vendor Management
Kathryn Wimmer – Vendor Manager
Linda Yousif – International Quality & Training Manager

“I am proud of the ULG team and look forward to continuing to grow. Even with a potential recession looming, there is significant opportunity in this industry for the right teams with drive and commitment! I am so lucky to be part of a team who is constantly committed to finding a path forward, overcoming our challenges and maximizing the values and efforts that we put forward together. In 2023, we will continue to provide a landing pad for people who are resolute, dedicated, and smart.  We are scrappy, focused on results, and we’re just getting started.” Nic McMahon, ULG’s CEO, is passionate about opportunity and in his second full year leading the helm, was thrilled to see the team’s progress. 

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