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United Language Group (ULG): Delivering Total Language Confidence


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United Language Group (ULG) is one of the world's leading translation and localization companies, providing services in over 200 languages.

As a language solutions partner built on quality processes and linguistic expertise, ULG is a trusted partner for regulated and non-regulated businesses. ULG is a Veeva technology partner, with a simple-to-deploy API integration which streamlines the localization process for life science companies. ULG delivers what they call 'Total Language Confidence' through its Octave suite, comprised of OctaveTMS, OctaveMT, and OctaveAPI.

"We deliver Total Language Confidence with every solution we offer," says Keith Kennedy,  the Vice President of Sales, at ULG. "As a result, clients always have the confidence that their translations are accurate and sensitive information is managed with maximum security."

ULG's Octave translation management system (TMS) streamlines the localization process through an end-to-end translation management platform. Translation project management can be a major undertaking with multiple challenging steps, but OctaveTMS seamlessly integrates processes and workflows that meet the clients' regulatory and translation quality management needs in one secure, easy-to-use, and web-based tool.

Next in line is Octave machine translation (MT) which gives clients the benefits of a single platform integrating statistical, rule-based, and Neural MT.  It delivers greater efficiency and accuracy than traditional systems, enabling the users to customize at the domain and organizational levels and minimize the risk of a data breach. ULG curates OctaveMT to fit business needs and internal systems with subscription-based SaaS models that give flexibility based on their volume, speed, and security requirements.

Clients can also streamline translation workflow management with ULG's customizable OctaveAPI integration. This combines the power of ULG's translation management services with the client's content management system— resulting in greater functionality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for multilingual projects, all within their existing framework.

What separates ULG is the manner in which its team utilizes cutting-edge technology and linguistic expertise. This enables the company to provide results worldwide for customers in varied industries, including life sciences, manufacturing, legal, healthcare, government, and insurance. Further, ULG's integration between its Octave platform and the Veeva Vault PromoMats cloud solution for compliant, commercial content and digital asset management allows users to simplify the selection and distribution of content for localization and translation. They can streamline the multilingual development process across departments to reduce time to market and manage commercial content nuances. The users are also enabled to expedite importing, reviewing, and approval processes for translated content and facilitate the localization review processes easily within Veeva Vault PromoMats. They can even optimize quality throughout Veeva Vault PromoMats' end-to-end processes.

“We deliver total language confidence with every solution we offer”

ULG's Veeva Vault integration allows users to easily share content between Veeva Vault and ULG for localization. This greatly reduces time to market through a streamlined translation and localization process. It is also completely configurable to client specifications to offer a variety of workflow options (Machine Translation triggers with options for Post Edit, direct launch to translation, etc.)

"This partnership and technology integration is a major step forward for our clients who leverage Veeva Vault's true cloud enterprise content management platform," says Kennedy. "Our clients rely on us to help localize their highly-regulated technical documents and to expand their brands globally, and this technological solution helps streamline that process and further ensure the highest quality outputs."