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Meet the Team: Rita Lipnik

Welcome back to this edition of Meet the Team featuring Rita Lipnik, Senior Business Analyst in the IT department.  Read below to learn more about Rita and her experience in the translation industry.  Q: What is your favorite or most interesting hobby? A: ...

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Meet the Team: Rebecca Johansson-Jimenez

Welcome back to another Meet the Team blog! This edition features Rebecca Johansson-Jimenez, a project manager in the Operations department. Continue reading to learn about Rebecca and how her background has led her to a career in the translation industry.    ...

Meet the team: Mehul Mistry

Welcome back to this month's edition of Meet the Team! This month we are featuring Mehul Mistry, a member of the Desktop Publishing department. Mehul is based in our Mumbai office and is the Department Manager of Desktop Publishing.  Continue reading to learn ...

Meet the Team: Maryna Koenig

Welcome back to another monthly edition to the Meet the Team blog. This month, we are introducing a member of the Video Remote/On-site Interpretation team. Maryna (Marina) Koenig is a VRI/OSI Manager based in the San Antonio office. We caught up with Marina ...

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Meet the Team: Danielle Meder

Welcome back to the Meet the Team blog! In this month’s edition, we will be featuring Danielle Meder, a member of the Interpretations department. Danielle is the Senior Director of Interpretation, Vendor Management and Quality. Continue reading to learn more ...

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Meet the Team: Katie Gifford

  Welcome back for another edition of our Meet the Team blog! In this month of Meet the Team, we are featuring Katie Gifford, a member of our Human Resources team. Katie is a Talent Acquisition and Project Manager based in Minnesota. We caught up with Katie ...

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