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United Language Group Scales Interpretation Services with Cutting Edge Software

Our interpretation experts help global organizations efficiently reach diverse consumers

To help our partners better serve their multicultural, multilingual consumers, we are constantly improving and updating our processes and technologies. Recently, we upgraded our interpreting call center software to NICE’s world-class cloud based CXone platform to provide clearer connections, enhanced efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction at scale, preparing our customers for future expansion.

James Dodson, ULG’s Executive Vice President of interpretation, explains, “The ability to dynamically change call workflow is a game changer for us. Most importantly the caller experience is much better, and with clearer connections our callers hear sharper articulation and cleaner interpretations, even on high-volume days.”

Future-proof and ready to scale

Migrating to the new software has enabled us to offer several benefits to our customers and the LEP communities they serve. Here’s how NICE CXone helps our team help you:


With this cutting-edge cloud-based platform, it’s easier to handle increased call volumes as we grow with our customers. We can offer flexibility to meet seasonal demand and advanced call routing based on over 4,900 agent skills.

Innovative features

We can now offer enhanced capabilities including direct-connect callback numbers, ensuring that callers returning voicemails are able to reach an interpreter in their native language immediately.

Effortless compliance

NICE CXone’s technology is authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

Better Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options

Modernized IVR systems empower callers to help themselves. With NICE CXone’s precise control over workflow scripting, IVR-processed calls rose from 40% to 65% of all interactions in our call centers, freeing interpreters to handle more complex calls. We can forecast call volume with this increased visibility.

Clearer and faster connections between callers and interpreters

Clear connections improve both the caller experience and interpretation accuracy. By standardizing technology and equipment across our interpreter pool, we ensure every caller gets the same crystal-clear experience. Since migrating to the new platform, average interpreter connection time has improved by 25%.

Technology enables ROI

Upgrading our interpretation technology has transformed our call center operations, increasing both the quality and types of services that we can offer to our customers and enabling us to provide a better return on their investments. With amplified accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility, we’re ready to help craft language access solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

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