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United Language Group Launches Bilingual Care Coordination Program

New Program Helps Break Down Language Barriers in Healthcare Settings Across the Country

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – United Language Group is formally announcing the launch of their Bilingual Care Coordination Program. This new program is focused on incorporating bilingual care solutions to improve the overall health outcomes of limited English proficient (LEP) members and patients, lower healthcare costs, and enhance member and patient satisfaction and retention.

The Bilingual Care Coordination Program is the culmination of years of working with payers and providers to provide access to equitable and quality care for LEP individuals. “Health systems require support in managing complex members and patients in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. ULG is here to help.” said Abigail Katz, Executive Director of Health Outcomes Solutions at United Language Group. 

Language barriers can make driving positive health outcomes seem impossible to achieve. Incorporating bilingual care coordination into your organization can foster relationships with LEP members and patients through mutual language and compassionate care and help provide improved access to vulnerable populations. “Cultural and linguistic common ground is critical to supporting improved health outcomes for LEP patients and members.” said, Danielle Meder, Senior Director of Quality at United Language Group.

United Language Group is continuously taking steps towards minimizing language challenges and driving positive health outcomes for communities with LEP in complex healthcare settings across the United States. The Bilingual Care Coordination Program provides a solution-focused model to your language needs.

If you would like to add a Bilingual Care Coordination Program to your organization, you can learn how by visiting our care coordination landing page.

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