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Conference Connections: ULG to attend 2019 TOPRA Symposium

Posted by Deborah Contreras


Healthcare is one of the largest areas ULG supports with language services, and it’s also one of the most complex. With ever-evolving laws in the healthcare space, it’s critical to stay abreast – and ahead – of regulations that shape the field and how we can communicate and share information across languages.

As part of our commitment to service excellence and unwavering compliance, attending conferences like the TOPRA Symposium helps maintain our expertise across the healthcare regulatory affairs.

We are dispatching our Strategic Account Manager, Eileen Kerry, to Dublin for a firsthand account to discover and report on the new, changing and convergent approaches for European healthcare regulations.

We caught up with Eileen as TOPRA begins to hear about what she is looking to learn and takeaway from the experience.

Who are you looking forward to connecting with at the TOPRA conference?

The Annual TOPRA symposium brings together the pharmaceutical, medical device and veterinary communities for one of the biggest events in healthcare regulation for Europe – a key market we support at ULG. This conference helps make us an even better partner to the regulatory affairs professionals we serve.

Networking with innovators and opinion leaders in the industry is always an opportunity we welcome. The presentations from Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) European Medicines Agency (EMA) Clinical Research Development Ireland (CRDI) will most definitely be a highlight of the conference.

What are you most looking forward to at the TOPRA conference?

Accessing the latest information and insights from the most comprehensive EU regulatory affairs program, and attending the only European regulatory affairs conference where you can meet with regulators from around the world.

What insights and information do you hope to gain at the TOPRA conference?

Hearing about new regulatory processes from May 2020 is going to be the key takeaway and very practical knowledge piece for our healthcare teams at ULG. It is an amazing opportunity to gain more information about how the industry is preparing for the new regulations and the impact of the updated MDR for the pharma industry, the clinical trial regulations and the discussions and thoughts on Brexit as it continues to unfold.

Watch for our next blog post, which will recap our findings and offer trend insights from TOPRA.


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