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ULG to Attend 2019 Outsourcing Clinical Trials Conferences

Posted by Deborah Contreras




At ULG, we are constantly seeking opportunities to stay ahead of the game and always providing leading language solutions. We partner with companies in more than 8 different industries, with teams  specialized to give to consult and deliver clients tailored linguistic support to meet the challenges of each individual market.

One of the largest areas we serve is the Life Sciences space.. To continue to build our translation expertise in the clinical operations sector, ULG will be attending two of the Outsourcing Clinical Trials Conferences by Arena International. The Outsourcing Clinical Trials conferences are an outlet where clinical operations and clinical vendor managers can meet, exchange knowledge and continue to refine the complex and ever-evolving clinical trial process.


Who will be there?

Michael Chugranis, ULG’s Regional Vice President of Life Sciences will be attending these conferences. Later this month, Michael will attend OCT Southern California, from September 24th-25th and then next month he will be attending OCT New England from October 2nd -3rd.It is important to know what challenges our partners face in order to provide a better solution and service offering.

What will be discussed?

These conferences are focused on partnership and outsourcing challenges in clinical trials. They consist of educational seminars and round table discussions that will include guest speakers and facilitators from many top Pharmaceutical companies and CROs. To gain a deeper understanding of  our client’s needs, we know how important it is to attend these seminars and discussions to better learn about what challenges they currently face: whether it’s time to market, cultural adoption, new regulations or volume of documentation, ULG’s Life Sciences team is able to assess the hurdles and build-out a customized language program for on-time and accurate delivery of all clinical trial materials.


Come say hello!

If you would like to contact Michael before the conference or connect in person, you can find him on LinkedIn, or email him directly.

 Watch for our next blog post, which will recap Michael’s experience and offer trend insights from Outsourcing Clinical Trials..

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