ULG to Attend 2019 Paving the Way Healthcare Conference

Posted by Kenzie Shofner




At ULG, we are always looking for ways to grow our expertise and knowledge in our fields. This week, we are heading to the Paving the Way to Health Care Access conference for a full-day learning event sponsored by the MassAHEC Network.

Healthcare is a critical industry we support, and our interpretation solutions have the power to affect the outcomes for LEP patients. It’s a responsibility we take with the highest regard and are thus committed to continuous improvement.

Going into the conference, here is how we plan to glean insights and apply knowledge.

Who will be there?

From the ULG team, Strategic Account Manager, Kael Rude and Regional Vice President, Kirsten Riley will be in attendance on June 7th and 8th. They are looking forward to representing ULG in support of our partnership with UMass Memorial.


What will be discussed?

The conference hosts workshops that explore how hospitals and medical providers are approaching healthcare accessibility in 2019. This includes the current obstacles facing care centers and solutions that will support the growing number of multilingual encounters to ensure optimal communication and patient experience.

We are excited to hear firsthand perspectives from medical providers on how they measure the success of telephonic interpretation.


What is the goal of the conference?

Discovering more about how we can rise to support healthcare accessibility initiatives and ultimately improve patient outcomes is a priority for us. We hope to walk away with a richer understanding of how a hospital’s interpretation program is measured and assessed, particularly as it relates to reducing readmission rates among the LEP population. Applying these kinds of learnings to our current offerings will help safeguard the crucial conversations in medical centers and bridge the language gap between patients and clinicians.


Come say hi!

We look forward to connecting with hospital representatives to learn about the successful elements of their interpretation programs that we can implement at ULG, and vice versa. We also hope to meet onsite interpreters to hear their personal experiences and in-field insights.

If you would like to get in touch with Kael Rude on her Linkedin or email her directly. To contact Kirsten Riley, hop over to her Linkedin or email her directly


Learn more about our healthcare interpretation initiatives here and stay tuned for our follow-up post after the conference where we will break down key findings and industry trends.

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