Life Sciences Translation

Your Key to Global Market Success

We understand that translations can be expensive, take considerable time, and add an extra step for your organization. At United Language Group, we make this process as easy and painless as possible. Translation is our business, and we are ready to support you. Through customized translation workflows that include human and machine translation options, we guarantee high quality translations that will not slow you down. As a truly global language solutions partner, ULG always has a finger on the pulse of localization trends and cultural accuracy. Whether you need technical documentation for a product label or a global product launch, our expertise and resource depth helps you build effective relationships everywhere you do business.


Customized Translation Services

ULG approaches translation differently: with the belief that our clients deserve language support that is tailored to their needs, not an expensive, one-size-fits-all solution. We partner with clients around the world to help spread their message with efficiency and cultural accuracy.

Medical Devices

ULG’s translation approach for medical device clients’ centers on managing risk, emphasized through processes certified as compliant to ISO standards. We tailor our approach by testing and adapting quality procedures that respond to the regulatory needs of the industry while giving you the competitive advantage of reduced costs and time to market to nurture a global audience for your products.

Contract Research Organizations

ULG brings more than two decades of experience in the life sciences sector across clinical, regulatory, and commercial business units. We’ve supported many of the leading contract research organizations (CROs) and our medically qualified linguists understand the formats and terminology of clinical research content and are adept in translating all clinical documents.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

ULG provides value-added solutions to reduce costs and time to market for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. We ensure that materials meet the high level of accuracy that the industry demands through processes certified as compliant to ISO standards and careful documentation of procedures. Our clients rely on ULG for accurate translations and adapting to respond to the evolving regulatory environment.

Other Life Science Language Solutions