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Our Call Center Solutions Provide You High Quality Quick-Turn Fixes.

With Life Science-specific linguistics backing our solutions, you won’t need to take the time to bring us up to speed, and our advanced technologies and processes keep our solutions cost-effective.


Immediate Help

Did a last-minute issue arise? Fear not! Contact us for immediate help fulfilling compliance and regulatory requirements.




We understand that some situations require a partner who can deliver high quality, quick turn work. When a product or drug has a rare side effect, authorities look to you for answers. At United Language Group, we offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Consistent Quality
We’ve seen it all: handwritten notes, source documents, voicemails, and poorly scanned documents. Our expert translators still return high quality documents.

Around-the-Clock Expertise
As a global company, ULG always has dedicated resources to help you. Our time zone coverage between requestors and United Language linguistics ensures our ability to prioritize these projects.

Customized Workflows
Our specialized pharmacovigilance workflows you save money by automating where we can and customizing where needed.

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Customer Service


Strong, personal customer service is crucial to your life sciences company. When questions, concerns and ideas occur, you need a partner to enable you to respond in all languages. Our customer service solutions are available around the clock and in over 200 languages.

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Patient Recruitment


Approximately 80,000 clinical trials are conducted in the United States each year. Of those that participate in trials, 88% are white. Health professionals have been tasked with eliminating health disparities in their care, particularly with regard to specific diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. How can health professionals address disparities if treatments are not being tested on a diverse population? Our patient recruitment solutions help you attract the participants you need and guide them through your clinical trial.

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