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Find Out Why Using the Cultural Drivers of Engagement (CDE) is Key

Many companies simply don't have the right framework in place to drive relevant experiences that foster customer relationships in culturally diverse markets. Cultural intelligence – underpinned by the CDE – is essential to engaging your multicultural consumers where, when, and how they expect.  

But what is cultural intelligence? Check out our blog post to learn more about why it is foundational to connecting with your customers.  

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How to Drive Impact Through Culturally Centered Consumer Experiences

Cultural transformation is accelerating. Culturally diverse consumers now represent 42% of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, non-US markets represent 84% of the world’s purchasing power, and 40% of these global consumers won’t buy in any language other than their native tongue.  A new approach is required if companies want to connect with all these consumers.   

To avoid being left behind, organizations must work to understand the diverse markets they wish to serve on a deep cultural level and customize experiences and communications accordingly.  

Approaching this with cultural intelligence can boost connections and improve outcomes.  

Are you ready to improve your customer experiences with a culturally intelligent approach? We wrote an eBook to guide you through how to do it.   

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Building the Business Case for Culturally Relevant Experiences 

The benefits of a culturally intelligent approach to driving relevant customer experiences are broad and deep—both for your business and for your customer.   

  • Connect more strongly with your audience. 
  • Build brand recognition in a new market. 
  • Lower your support costs. 
  • Drive growth and revenue.  

Check out our blog post to learn more about how to build a business case for investing in culturally relevant experiences. 

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How a Major Health Insurer Achieved a 4X Increase In Member Acquisition

Using a culturally intelligent approach informed by the Cultural Drivers of Engagement, this client was able to build a community-based strategy focused on multi-channel outreach, which enabled them to maximize enrollment in untapped Hispanic markets.

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