Using Video Remote Interpretation Services to Provide a Personal Approach to Virtual Healthcare

Case Study 38 | Video Remote Interpretation


A large healthcare consortium partnered with United Language Group to offer fast and reliable Video Remote Interpreting services that could connect patients to highly qualified interpreters within seconds.

This US-based managed care consortium offers a wide variety of healthcare services and insurance plans to over 11 million beneficiaries. Additionally, it has a large and diverse population of limited English proficient (LEP) members and patients.

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In order to properly serve all members and patients, the healthcare consortium needed a fast and reliable Virtual Remote Interpreting (VRI) service that could connect highly qualified interpreters within seconds to callers at its urgent care facilities. They also wanted to ensure that their interpretation services took a personal approach to interacting with their members. It was essential to pair with a language service provider that could offer a solution that builds rapport with members and improves the overall healthcare experience.

Additionally, the organization has a national presence, so they needed a language service provider that could implement a solution consistently across multiple sites and regions.

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United Language Group’s (ULG) personalized approach to project and account management provided the ideal solution for overcoming the challenges facing the healthcare organization.

ULG’s VRI technology offers clients direct access to medically qualified interpreters through agnostic devices such as hardware equipment. The client has the capability to use their own devices as well as lease to buy ULG’s equipment. This choice enables the healthcare organization to provide language access to their members regardless of whether they have hardware or not.

ULG integrated VRI technology into multiple facilities across various regions and customized call flows to ensure interpretation services were available 24/7. Through this personalized approach, the client was able to receive customized reporting of multiple data points for easy end of month reconciliation.

Chapter 3



  • 1.3 million interpretation minutes served in 2019
  • Less than 60 second connection time for Spanish


The partnership between the healthcare consortium and ULG resulted in the simultaneous activation of VRI services across multiple regions and facilities. By using ULG’s flexible VRI technology, the client improved the patient experience and provided a personal approach to virtual interpretation. The success of this project was driven by the combination of ULG’s fast and reliable VRI technology and network of high quality, medically qualified interpreters.
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