Oracle transforms its translation process with customized language solution

Case Study 29 | Oracle Translation


When the tech giant was up against two major obstacles: a backlog of translation work and spiking costs, it partnered with United Language Group for a new approach to linguistic workflows. The results? For one, a 80 percent improvement in cycle turnaround time.

As part of its global footprint, Oracle serves clients across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The Global Finance Operations unit is responsible for managing legally binding contract templates for more than 122 countries, into 35 distinct languages. These contracts are updated frequently and must be translated quickly to meet urgent agreement deadlines and eliminate any potential risk to Oracle and its global partners.

Chapter 1


Oracle approached ULG with two key issues. First, its contract translation work was deep in backlog. Agreements were taking more than 30 days for translation, causing severe delays going to market and directly eating into revenue for the organization. Second, translation costs were unpredictable and spikes in spend were impossible to manage.

ULG quickly identified that Oracle needed a customized translation strategy, built to fit their contract enablement processes. ULG facilitated direct and regular contact between our dedicated linguists and Oracle’s in-country and legal review teams. To complement the linguist + reviewer relationship, ULG rolled out a full feedback management process with a dedicated manager.

Chapter 2


Our methodology focused on the close management of Global Translation Assets (building and maintenance of Glossaries, Style Guides, Translation Memory), close monitoring of Feedback processes, and development of an independent quality audit program customized for Oracle.


Chapter 3


The combined effect of these approaches is a proven translation methodology, enabling the Oracle Global Contract Enablement team to eliminate all backlog, reduce total cost by 80%, and reduce cycle time by 80%.

This continued partnership has allowed Oracle to substantially increase translation capacity for all languages (35) while maintaining the highest standards of quality, performance, and service.

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