Cost‑effective multilingual SAP rollout for international apparel company

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An international sports apparel company needed e-learning localization and an effective workflow for a multilingual SAP rollout within a tight timeframe.

This world-leading manufacturer of athletic footwear, apparel and sports equipment with headquarters in Portland, Oregon needed to facilitate the global adoption of its SAP implementation. With over 700 factories worldwide providing more than 650,000 jobs to local communities and products in over 160 countries around the world, full adoption of the SAP ERP solutions was critical to the success of their global operations.

Chapter 1


One of SAP’s largest users, the manufacturer had to roll out its SAP e-learning programs across multiple countries to ensure a high level of adoption. It was imperative that over a million words of online and printed SAP-related material be localized in Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish in a very short timeframe, while maintaining high-quality and consistency. After a thorough qualification process, United Language Group (ULG), a SAP Business Partner for language translation, was chosen to provide multilingual translation and localization services to complete the roll-out.


Chapter 2


To meet these challenges, ULG built a strong team and applied a solid methodology to complete the work quickly and accurately. ULG worked closely with the customer to fully understand the scope and implications of this SAP project, and subsequently provided a streamlined translation and localization solution to ensure the highest quality and consistency for translating all SAP materials.

In order to facilitate the very short turnaround time requirements, ULG set up a dozen translation teams, with one native project manager in each country. ULG then vetted existing translation glossaries to ensure that each team member applied terminology consistently across all countries. ULG continued to work in parallel to extend these glossaries and apply them in real-time, as the project progressed, since the implementation was under very tight timelines.

In addition, the teams built and rigorously applied a new Translation Memory related to the customer’s use of SAP to guarantee correct terminology usage. Finally, ULG developed an agile completion schedule to deliver batches of translated content as necessary, while the application was under development. Each language component then went through a thorough in-country review process to ensure translation quality before progressing through the subsequent phases and on to final approval.

Chapter 3


Collaborating through each successive phase of the project provided the customer with the flexibility they required and left sufficient room for changes and updates without compromising the success of the project. The roll-out progressed on-time; successfully meeting the tight implementation deadlines, and adoption rates were high.

In addition, ULG achieved almost 24% savings on the translation costs through the implementation and maintenance of the customer’s translation memory systems. Effective use of translation memory also significantly cut turnaround times.

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